Tournament Issue


I have two issues here. I tied for third, why didn’t I win a share of third place money?

I started exactly when it started and played as humanely fast as possible, how is it the top 2 spots had 20+ hands played more than I did?

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The tie breaker would come down to number of hands in this case.

As for the number of hands of the top two spots, we’ll review and make sure everything is valid.

Can you show me in the rules where it states if there is a tie more hands played is the decider.

Realize that my point per hand is 2.8615 and the other players is 2.6956

This means I actually should win based on any tie breaker, I won more with less opportunities.

In any event, a tie should split the prize not snub anyone because they didn’t get the opportunity to play more hands.

This is not about the money, it’s about having a proper structure in place that is fair to all players.

@freaksforum The leaderboards state “You can track your ranking in the leaderboard tool while an event is happening.”

Your ranking for the leaderboard was 4th. Yes you had the same amount of points, but the other stat listed there is number of hands and not points per hand. If only points was considered then we wouldn’t also list hands and if we counted points per hand then that would be listed and not number of hands.

We will pass along the feedback to maybe get it defined as a tie break and I’ve added a bonus for the clarification.

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Appreciate the bonus Matt.

While I understand your reply, to me it’s bunk. There are no rules in place that state in case of a “tie” the most hands played wins. Even if that was a rule it still would favor a person that actually had a lower winning ratio as I pointed out.

Since there are no rules regarding a “tie” then anything can be said at this point. Yes it shows me forth, they could’ve listed me third and the other player fourth I would have still expected only half of the prize money for that placing and having it split with the other player based on a tie.

Again it’s not about the prize, it’s small in nature and certainly not balance changing, it’s about the proper foundation of the tournament and the lack of rules.

As a follow up, how did the top two players get so many more hands than I. I can bring forth video evidence of how fast I played to show there was no momentary lags on my end. If you saw how fast I played you would be questioning the top 2 results as well.

One last thing, the numbers that appear for the entrant, are they the same every time or different in each tournament? For example the player in first will they always show as 873334915 or be a different number the next tournament they enter?

Maybe they use touch screen?

Hi I have an issue only 2 players entered and 2 seats were guaranteed no prize

If the tournament only played with these two players then the prize is between them. Do you have a tournament ticket for this to be looked into?