Unable To Make a Withdrawal

I have tried to make a withdrawal and I am getting a vague error code saying to try again. After chatting to support they gave me a similarly vague response about withdrawals not working.

It’s worrying to not know when I will be able to access my funds and have no solid answer. I am looking to get this resolved ASAP.

Note that we’ve had some latency issues on our end so there have been some players having issues reaching the deposit or withdrawal page. however, this usually can be fixed with clearing your cache and cookies to before the last time you had any errors on the page, trying a new device, new connection, and using incognito mode on Chrome. We are also working on fixing this as per the onsite messaging.

Tried incognito mode on my PC which didn’t work, but switched to my phone and was able to make a withdrawal from that browser if anyone else has the same problem.

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So ridiculous.

ALL sites have a playthru restriction, at a minimum, of atleast a 1:1 amount of the deposit.

You likely deposited with a bonus code that DOES have a rollover requirement needing to be met to unlock funds. If you deposit, don’t use deposit bonuses, unless you’re wanting entertainment with no expectation of withdrawing. 25-40x is an insanely unlikely amount to achieve.