Vouchers—-what is their purpose and how are they used?


How do these vouchers work/ what is a reason other than a contractually binding staking agreement would someone provide one to another user.

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Hi @Zjking11,

Our Voucher method provides players with a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods which often times incur additional fees or processing times.

The way it works is simple; you request a withdrawal with the voucher method and once it’s processed you will receive an email with a unique voucher code that you can use to send funds to a friend or establish a moderated trade with other players via our Voucher category that we will soon be opening.

In the Voucher category you will be able to either sell your voucher codes or buy them from other players.

If for example you have Zelle, you can use it indirectly to fund your Ignition account by checking if anyone in the community accepts that method and will sell you their voucher code. Alternatively, if you have a voucher code, you can use the forum to find another player to sell it to.

Let us know if you have any concerns regarding this and we will be more than glad to clarify.


So if i have an amex card and want to purchase a voucher to deposit. How do i go abotu doing that sir

Hi @Zjking11,

To purchase a voucher code off another player, you’d need to use a payment method that they accept. With that said, we will only recommend guaranteed methods like Zelle. A full outline of best practices and how-to’s for voucher transactions will be provided shortly, so please stay tuned!

@Zjking11. Vouchers help get away from using the credit cards and such. It’s also less trackable that you are spending your money on online gambling. I use Zelle for many things. My friends and send money to each other back and forth for a million different reasons. So, if someone has a voucher for sell…I would rather just send them the money via Zelle and input the code to purchase chips…rather than purchase chips straight from my credit card or from my bank account.

Someone may have a business and a square reader and could run your AM X like that…but that would mean you would have to give them your CC number and that isn’t very safe.


What is the point of buying/selling vouchers?

Hey @River_Phoenix, I’ve moved your post here where we’ve discussed more the benefits of Vouchers as a payment method but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

How do vouchers differ from player transfers? The transactions seem to be handled the same for buyer/seller, but maybe I’m assuming I’m missing something?

@DetroitShadows They work pretty much the same, but a PT would go direct into the buyers account from the sellers, a voucher is a code you give to somebody which they can then use to deposit with, or even sell on again.

Is one quicker than the other in regards to turn around time of the funds transferring?

No, they are pretty much instant.

Yes I have concernes as I am trying to withdraw my own winnings and was told to use Vouchers and am unable to withdraw any of my winnings and need immediate help.

I have responded to this through PM now.