Was screwed over In crazy eights tournament

Anyone else ever experience this?
While playing in a crazy eights hold em tournament, I just won large 600,000 plus chips pot. Was up to 40th place with over 800,000 chips.
Next thing that happened is my chip count dropped to 300,000 plus.
Never played a hand,just dropped.
I checked hand history and it shows one I never played in which I basically have away 500,000 chips.
Total scree job, so unfair.
After having played in the tournament for 4 plus hours.
There were $7888 award money I lost out on.

Anyone else ever experience anything like this?
And if so, who do you I need to talk to to make this right?

Ultimately on our end we would have to go by the actual details of the tournament. If the hand details don’t show what you’re stating we don’t necessarily have any recourse without firm proof of this. Do you have a screenshot or do the hand details show this?

I have never heard anyone else bring up an item like this during a game.

Did you take screenshots of the hand history showing you had 800K and then 300K the next hand? I’ve definitely never seen or heard of anything like that ever happening. Like where would the chips go? Did you check the value of blinds and antes? If you were 4 hours into play then the blinds and antes would’ve been around 125/250K.

i have had this happen once. I was in a game and had been playing for a few hours and had a good lead on the entire field. i had double what 2nd place had and then some. but the fact of the matter is i was just sitting back and taking a break. and only playing high hands. if it wasnt AK AA AQ or pairs i wouldnt even call to see a flop. but somehow i had to play a hand because i was the BB and ended uopn putting 3 out in one hand and added to the major chip lead. so after i seen a flop with the small blind i then folded and sat back to wait on a good hand or BB. I watch my tv for about 3 mins I think 2 hands went buy and i look at my chip count and had lost around 800,000 of 1,800,000 chips. now the re buys are over with and it is almost down to the final table there was only 15 or 16 players left. when i noticed it i thought at first i had made a call by mistake but that wasnt the case they had just disapeered. and i looked at how much the blinds where they where around 1,000 to 8,000 i belive not for sure on that but i do know the anti was 200 so the anti i had payed in would have only been 400 to 600 at most not 800,000 idk where it went to this day. ive had alot of weird stuff happen so i started recording all my games. just like i have been dealt out of hands before and also been dealt hands where i had no action buttons to use and they where always AA or AK hands that would have won the hand. its like they are rigging it so they can do these things to make you lose out on chips.

You sure it wasn’t a split pot?