Weekly free spins

My weekly free spins are showing on the selection page for game but when loads it’s not showing them to be played

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Hi @Browntown,

Sorry for the late response, please try clearing the cache, then restart the browser and try again. You can also try using a different device as this normally works as well. Lastly, you should log off before you clear the cache data.

Ignition’s solution for every single technical issue on the website. It’s never ignition’s fault.

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This simply isn’t true. I understand that in some cases it seems we may advise this a lot, but in this case it really is the way to reset them. Generally if they don’t show up using another device or clearing the cache and logging out on your current one does get the spins to activate.

In my experience, that is the solution every single time. The problem is always on my end and never Ignitions. Although every other website that I visit works perfectly…

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This is also a common misconception when dealing with game errors, as just because you can visit a website doesn’t mean you have a solid perfect connection. When going to another website or doing some things online as they come in packets you simply won’t notice any minor latency. Clicking on a web page might have delays but will still work even if you’re suffering from any minor issues online. For some of our games these minor disconnections or latency can disconnect you from a poker hand or spin unfortunately. This is why many times you can simply get right back in once you’ve refreshed or gone back to the page. latency is caused by many factors even in situations where you might have the best internet available.

Also we have in the past explicitly advised when there’s issues on our end, you can simply peruse the Forum to see updates or times when we’ve clearly had errors and posted about them. However, when there’s no other reports and the website seems fine on our end it is usually pretty clear that the issue is isolated or connection related.

How does clearing my cache and restarting my browser correct these disconnections? What about the times where that doesn’t solve the problem? How about when every single game except 'Solfire" would freeze at 100%? What about when I try to sign in, I click the login button and it just reloads the page I was currently on? How about when I just get the white screen?

Am I supposed to believe that is all related to what you are describing? Latency causes all of these things?

Again, what I’m hearing is the problem is only on my end. I simply do not believe that.

I may not be an IT computer wiz, but I’m not stupid.

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These somewhat do all sound like disconnection issues. Though of course to fully verify we’d need to look into the specific days that this happened to see if there was something reported on our end. Again my main point above did somewhat agree with you concerning the clear cache item, but was mostly to make sure the player above is aware that in this case the clearing cache and different device generally really is the way to get to the spins.

I don’t think I’ve once got a weekly free spin. I hear of them and look for them weekly but nope. Zero Nadda zilch zip.