What is the purpose of Diamond Level?

I’m currently Titanium and the only benefits I receive are:

1,000 points = $1
$2,500 Weekly Freeroll
Birthday Bonus

Diamond level is exactly the same benefits. What’s the point of having a Diamond level at all? Also, why are the benefits so weak for Titanium and Diamond. It’s taken me years to get to Titanium. Proving I’m a loyal customer and player. With this rewards system, it essentially does not pay to be loyal. Pretty weak rewards if you ask me. Ignition needs to come up with something better.

I just got a notification about a change in rewards, and I see no change at all…


Yeah I’m not to happy

I have almost made it to Titanium level in about 4 months of playing here. Consistent, large depositors and/or loyal players definitely don’t get the rewards they deserve. It seems like a bad business model to not take care of these players the best. Very frustrating.

Ive been titanium level for about 2 years now and you are 100% correct. Ive played slots for hours and hours and days and then when your done you have like 35$ in rewards cash and then if you want that you gotta play a ton more or use it on tickets before they will even give that to you. 35x bonus requirements are also crazy high. the only good reward is the birthday bonus which used to be like $250 w/ a playthru but this year i only got $150 so who knows. i play a lot less here now then i used to