What kind of CS is this jeez

So first I get a bonus then they take it back . Wow

I’m about ready to stop playing on here lol been nothing but bad beats and dry slot runs smh :joy: and now CS issues a bonus then takes it back like could it get any better?

Just to add a little comment onto this, I have reviewed the chat and I would guess that the agent made a genuine mistake and sent the message to the wrong person as you wouldn’t be eligible for a bonus at this time.

@Davy ive been having a lot of issues lately on here , it’s not even about bonuses anymore . I deposited more then 40k this last month and it’s been a awful experience.

I’m sorry for your recent losses, I hope you get some much better luck soon.

Didn’t you just win $126k in reelsxl? Jeez I would’ve prob withdrawn everything but maybe 10k and deposited the rest in my bank. Quit while ahead.


@yolaboy123 40k? where do you get that kind of money? If you are losing, then we need to talk here.

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Where is the email say they are taking the bonus back?

and…if you lost $40,000 you should be insulted they only offered you a $60 bonus.