What’s the point in being hosted

So I’ve noticed as I’ve played here for a few years … I got a lot more perks better free bonus’s and just better offers for deposit bonus etc when I was not a “hosted “ “vip” player . It’s really frustrating tbh . Does anyone else feel this way as a “hosted player”

I’ve now noticed calling is way better than the chat .

I would have to disagree. I’m new to being a Hosted “VIP” player. This is my first month and so far, they have been awesome. I got my random point drop immediately upon joining (over 900 $ worth) and eligible to get it every 5 days. No more waiting for promotion team. As far as bonus go, they have been issuing me 55% match up to what I want to deposit. After a losing session they offer a max free play bonus of 150$, 40$ on smaller deposits. So, no complaints from me.

They give ya a lot more than they give me lmao

I’m happy it’s been good for you though

That was because in the past month I have deposited over 20k and still on a losing streak. The more you deposit and play the more perks you get I guess.

I’ve done that in the past… once I did 15 k in a week …. Lmao ! I was like yeah not doing this again :rofl:

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Lol no wonder they treat me like I’m worthless here , I deposit like 10-60 bucks at a time. And that’s a lot to me lol I’m poor as shit I can’t imagine losing that kind of loot , I would get my teeth fixed if I ever saw 12k in my life , I would not want to lose that money . That’s crazy

They treat me like I’m worthless too kmaooo don’t worry . Doesn’t matter how much you spend I guess unless your loosing more I guess

I’m just kidding they actually used to do pretty well …. But then I stopped spending 5 k a week lol

I’m Diamond level, hosted, and pushed $800k through the site… and that’s just this week ($3.9MM for the last 30 days; edited to add this is cumulative amount of wagers/spins/whatever, NOT deposits to the site; I’d jump off a bridge if I’d lost/spent $800k in a week to anything, gambling or otherwise).

I’ve had some HUGE wins - $50k jackpot on 10 Times Vegas, and a $30k+ win on Wheels and Reels XL. And to Ignition’s credit, I have never experienced such quick payouts from an online casino. The payouts are unbelievably fast. Those two things (massive wins and quick payouts) are the things that have kept me around.

Because if it weren’t for those two things, I’d say the VIP/hosted experience is garbage. I routinely (more than twice or three times a week) have 5-figure losing days and do not get anything to pick me up. I’d say since the last big win I had (maybe 5-7 days ago), the games I play have been ice cold. Way, way, way colder than seems legitimately possible (i.e., only possible if there were a setting on the back end restricting a player from winning for a time).

I expect to lose - I do not think this is a profitable enterprise that I operate. But to lose for days at a time after a major win is extremely suspect. And playing the exact same slots, with the same amounts per spin, etc. It’s just very, very bizarre to have weeklong cold streaks so soon after the one time per week I win.

And I’d say the large wins have gotten very, very far and few between. Especially for the volume I play (both in terms of money pushed through the site, and hours/spins played).

But if you asked me to tell you what the difference is between “Bronze” level (or whatever their lowest level is) and “Diamond” level (my current level), I have no clue. I know they’ll respond that my rewards ratio is now $1 for every 1,000 miles instead of $1 for every 2,500 miles, or something like that, but when a person wagers near $4MM in one month alone, they expect something above and beyond an unpredictably-timed extra point drop.

All of this is intended as constructive criticism. I do not want to lose the great service I’ve received on payouts. I would like to be treated like a player who wagers 7-figures through the site (since I do). Just my 2 cents. I plan on continuing to play at Ignition because of the payouts when you do actually win - they truly are incredible at payouts (in my limited experience).


I’m Diamond vip and I don’t get many perks. Actually nothing different than I did when I was first level except my reward points accrue at the highest level per the posted structure on the promo page.


How many ignition miles were you guys at when you became “hosted” or upgraded to diamond VIP? I’ve surpassed 8 million miles and still at diamond

As from here you may find more info about this.

I think once I passed 2M miles I was “Diamond”. To be honest, it’s nothing different than the level of service from before. I’m at 5.5M miles now and it’s no different (in terms of service or special perks) than I noticed at 2M miles, or 1M for that matter. Perhaps the bonuses convert to higher cash value, but when the bonuses are 1% or whatever, it doesn’t really move the needle much.

The “level” of player seems to be of very little import, to the detriment of all (we complain about it, as we should; they have to hear us bitch about it, while thinking their current reward system is sufficient).

The speed with which they pay out is the biggest plus to Ignition. It’s the only reason I continue forking over my money to them. If one day their payouts were slower, I’d find a site that is more “player-centric” in terms of bonuses/rewards/VIP perks.

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That’s very true ! For me it is the payout rate as well

Have played here since it came online. Have deposited more than I can even admit to without feeling horribly. Have been hosted, then not hosted, then hosted again, a few different times over the years and without a doubt, the host was always a huge advantage as far as bonuses, points drops, withdrawals, ect. But I work out of the country and am gone for 60 to 90 days at a time sometimes and lose my hosted status due to no play every time. I’ve tried to explain this to CS and to hosts but still, the same cycle, over and over again.

Its really disheartening to spend tens of thousands some months, and to receive and become accustom to having a host… then go to work, come back, and they won’t even take my call on the same line as I would call in while being hosted, lol. Talk about dropping you like a hot rock.

I get it though. It is what it is.

Don’t remember the last points drop i received… Definitely been months. Sure wish I had the hosted hook up right about now! :slight_smile: they definitely always brightened up my day :slight_smile: