WHEELS AND REELS XL + BACCARAT = 280k run (3 days)

• What are your initials?


• How long have you been with us?

1-2 years

• What was your winning game and amount?

WHEELS AND REELS XL (139,600k win + 103k win + 41k)

• Was this your first big win online?


• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?

Vacation, Investing, and Aston Martin.


Yeah, car most important part. :rofl:


Congratulations, I am over the moon with joy for you. Woo hoo


Congrats what a great run!! :beers::beers:

What was your bet size when you hit that 1st 139 K?


I wished I believed you were a real person. No one I know has won anything I here. My best advice to anyone I talk to is to stay away from here and find a different site. I have never seen poker so bad that seldom does the best hand going all in win and never heard of any real person hitting any slot for anything of substance. I have seen some small hits but only if it was tied to a bonus.


$200 a spin!


I totally feel you hahaha. That’s how I felt around here sometimes too - have lost plenty in the past. It’s all part of the game. It’s actually the opposite for me, I only win with my own cash and not the bonuses LOL.

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Agreed, I believe there a tilt against you if bonus are attached to a deposit. At minimum, you have to loose your locked funds before you can winning anything,

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Bet size for each win???


play money

I’m a real person and I’ve cashed out multiple times on Ignition without ever an issue. My latest hit was on Reels and Wheels XL just a couple hours ago. Pending $2439 withdrawal on $100 deposit. I play poker also and the poker client here is top notch. A little tip: casinos rake in money hand over first without the need of cheating players. Reputation is everything. If you think they’d risk it all to chisel out a few extra bucks you are sorely mistaken. In fact the exact opposite is true. A smart casino (and one that plans on sticking around for more than a year or two)will bend over backwards to keep everything above board and fair and the rivers of money flowing in. It’s common sense.


Iv hit for 19k , never cashed out lol but ya this site is legit .

Jeezus people what does it take to make you understand? This site exists for the sole purpose of making the owners rich. It was not designed, created, or intended for YOU to ever make one penny. Nothing here is regulated so every trick known to man is used to keep you pouring your hard earned money into this world-wide cash vacuum. They can fake glitches, lie, change payout midgame… or they can set every game that you play to payout absolutely jack shit and it’s all perfectly legal… and from their perspective, perfectly ethical. So quit bitchin or stop wasting your money here. Unless you have unlimited funds, Any repetitive wager that favors the opponent is a zero probability that you will ever win in the long run so unless you derive some sort of twisted satisfaction from throwing your money away and feeling like a complete idiot loser over and over again I suggest you find yourself a real casino or go play the stock market. Good night and good luck.


All slots are long time losers. That is why bankroll management is important. I watch you tube slot channels (even donate a few bucks a month to support) in order to get my slot fix. They lose there as well. Moral of story, someone loses to generate that big payout for someone else.

Its entertainment money. You do not make a living playing slots.

Well at least we now know where a small part of our money is going… to those who can afford to bet $200 per spin. If all spins here were truly random as they should be and the ratios generated by my account were applied, the player above would have had to have wagered approximately $26 million dollars to hit that $236k payout.

Hey, I won way more than I bet, on .40. Its not the 200 spins that win more.

i would absolutely looooove to know how you arrived at that $26 million figure. i’m a math guy, you won’t confuse me with statistical analysis, regression modeling, affect of standard deviation, rng modeling… so don’t be shy using big words. how is it that you came to that number? i’m genuinely curious.

That’sfkng awesome

Damn that’s sexy

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