WHEELS AND REELS XL + BACCARAT = 280k run (3 days)

• What are your initials?


• How long have you been with us?

1-2 years

• What was your winning game and amount?

WHEELS AND REELS XL (139,600k win + 103k win + 41k)

• Was this your first big win online?


• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?

Vacation, Investing, and Aston Martin.


Yeah, car most important part. :rofl:

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Congratulations, I am over the moon with joy for you. Woo hoo

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Congrats what a great run!! :beers::beers:

What was your bet size when you hit that 1st 139 K?

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I wished I believed you were a real person. No one I know has won anything I here. My best advice to anyone I talk to is to stay away from here and find a different site. I have never seen poker so bad that seldom does the best hand going all in win and never heard of any real person hitting any slot for anything of substance. I have seen some small hits but only if it was tied to a bonus.

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$200 a spin!

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I totally feel you hahaha. That’s how I felt around here sometimes too - have lost plenty in the past. It’s all part of the game. It’s actually the opposite for me, I only win with my own cash and not the bonuses LOL.

Agreed, I believe there a tilt against you if bonus are attached to a deposit. At minimum, you have to loose your locked funds before you can winning anything,