WheelsXL players…

What’s the longest number of spins you’ve gone without a bonus spin? And how many times have you hit a bonus spin and won $0.00?

I can tell you this … During the last “maintenance” break they definitely adjusted the odds / payout on wheels & reels xl. The game is complete crap now and I believe it’s a law that whenever a games odds are changed it must be posted & customers notified. I’m reading more into the legal aspects of it now, but the game is broke so no one play this game until they change it back. Utter bs ignition.

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I can assure you the last maintenance break had nothing to do with any changing of rtp for any games.

Just how exactly can you assure me or anyone of that? Do you do the maintenance on the machines? I think not. Check Google people do it all the time at different casinos so it’s not anything new. Just noticed that this particular maintenance break reels and wheels XL has been changed significantly. Look at my account you can see how many times I’ve played that game I have about 2 hours of video clips to back up my theory. And by the way this is not an argument, so no need to reply. This is a fact based on my hours upon days of playing this game.