When it’s bad here it’s REALLY BAD!

I swear the update last week was just to kill my account lol. I’m used to running bad on here but this is on another level. Since the update I’ve made 7 deposits and all sessions have been HORRIBLE but the last 3 I haven’t hit a single bonus spin on wheels. Not a single one. Over 1100 spins!!

In my last 1600 spins I’ve hit one bonus spin for 1.25x my bet. I’m ok with losing. I’m used to it. Been doing it for years. But the way I lose here sometimes makes it extremely hard to not question the legitimacy of the RNG.


Same. I have not won but a few bucks here and there. When I do get the bonus wheel it’s peanuts. Like I don’t expect them to throw top dollar all the time. But I’ve played on here enough to notice that it used to tighten up leading up to the weekend. And slowly loosen up after the weekend. That was a normal thing. Now it seems it’s tight all damn week and maybe once in a blue moon they loosen up a little to make it fun.
It’s not fun anymore. Poker too I used to win about half of the games I played. Now I feel like the jackpot sng are one of their players every time. I can’t even win a $2 jackpot sit and go??? It seems they have taken a seat at every single poker table, game and tournament. Bc it’s almost impossible to win at any game all of the time now. I won once a couple months ago. But really just won some money back so it wasn’t a win. But they have turned it so tight it’s not even fun. SMH. I’m titanium level. They used to give cash back once a month. They don’t do that either. Like such a bummer.