Where are monthly winners?

Why hasn’t there been the monthly big winners posted? Is no one winning?

It is something we’ve got a bit behind on, but there wasn’t much traction on the posts when they were created and they are quite time intensive. There are still winners regardless of whether we post the monthly winners. The previous ones can confirm that in themselves.

Well just the fact that they suddenly stopped made me think that the big payouts were turned off.

Personally I didn’t care for the video presentation. I enjoyed the list much better.


Can’t see the Buffalo screen good because it is my computer at work and has a screen shade on it. Biggest hit I’ve has here. Hit yesterday. Was closing time and was seriously about to shut it down when i hit over $11,000. Hit the 5k on XL after playing $10 bets. Got the other this afternoon. I lost over 3k on Mystic Wilds on 10 bet.

Yikes! Those are some good wins! I could use a few d those