Where is my withdrawal?

i am sure they will get you paid.
you did nothing wrong, you were told the wrong information.
money was sent back.
if it was up to me i would even give you an extra 10% on the house, for the delay and time invested and hassle.

also that other guy who got 9.5k did stuff wrong and still got paid.

I just want my $2,000.00 thousand back to me as soon as possible . It has been more than 2 months.

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Just stepping in to let you know that we’ve now got into contact with our withdrawals team and they’ve advised us that this should be resolved by the end of the week. We do apologize for the delays so far, and will have further updates soon.

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Thank you very much for your help! Please tell financial services to email me the Bank Name , Country, if it is in $ or Euro. I have to give my bank the accurate information otherwise it will be sent back again.

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We’ll address that once we’ve received a resolution and answer from the withdrawals team @RJpoker, as I’m still not 100% sure what the response will be. However, it should be completed prior to the end of the week.

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This is the response I receive yesterday from Financial Services. This is the same response they gave me from the last 20 email I sent them. Hopefully you as the moderator can do something about this withdrawal.


Hi Ruth,

Thanks for your reply. Hope you are safe and well during the pandemic.

We understand your concern regarding your funds.

Our team is still looking into it and we will provide you an update through account message on your Ignition account, once we have one.

Rest assured, we value you as player and will get this resolved. Its just a matter of time.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please let us know.


Ignition Casino Financial Services

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As Foster mentioned, we’re waiting a response from the Withdrawals team. As soon as we have an update we’ll let you know.

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This is what I received at 8:20 pm today.

You’ve joined the chat.

17:43:43Shontelle S.
joined the chat.

17:43:43Shontelle S.
Hello Ruth! Welcome This is Shontelle S., how may I help you?


Hello, Can I please Chat with your financial services?

BD 04-04-1962 Pin 1066 email rj040362@yahoo.com


17:45:06Shontelle S.
May I ask the reason you are requesting the Financial Services Department?

I need to follow-up with my withdrawal problem


17:47:55Shontelle S.
I am sorry but I am unable to transfer you to the Financial Services Department however I can offer assistance.

17:48:04Shontelle S.
Thanks for confirming your identity.

Why not?


17:48:50Shontelle S.
They only handled inquiries if they are required to speak with you.

Please tell them My name and ID#

17:50:58Shontelle S.
I am sorry the chat cannot be transferred, how can I assist you today?

I have been emailing them 20 times already. I am pretty sure they will know.


I need to follow-up with my withdrawal Issue

17:53:32Shontelle S.
May I ask what is the issues you are having with you withdrawal?

Your moderator said I should be getting some answer by the end of this week.

Please check my emails and account what the subject is

It will be a long story again!

Please call your Financial services and find out. It will be a lot faster.



17:55:33Shontelle S.
I understand, I did I see the was a Wire Transfer withdrawal that should of been returned, let me see if there is any update at this time.

17:56:13Shontelle S.
While I’m checking into this, I recommend using Bitcoin for your Deposits and Withdrawals. It’s guaranteed to work, fast, and very easy to use.

I cannot have Bitcoin

My bank does not associate with Bitcoin


17:59:44Shontelle S.
Okay, I am still here with you awaiting an update.



18:00:50Shontelle S.
You’re most welcome.

18:03:22Shontelle S.
Are you still here with me?



18:05:05Shontelle S.
Okay, they are looking into your inquiry as we speak.

18:05:16Shontelle S.
How are you doing today?

ok ty


Are you waiting response from Financial Services?

18:06:37Shontelle S.
Yes I am.

18:06:46Shontelle S.
I am great thanks for asking.

18:07:56Shontelle S.
Thanks for your patience.


18:08:59Shontelle S.
In regards to your withdrawal they advised there has not been any update at this time, I understand you are concern and would love to have the issues addressed as swoon as possible, however theses escalations take some time to be completed.

18:09:10Shontelle S.
I am truly sorry for the wait.

for 2 1/2 months?

Is that what they said?

from Financial Services?


18:11:17Shontelle S.
Yes they advised there has not been any update as yet.

ok tyvm

when do I email or chat with customer service again?


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Seriously, Is this how you treat a valued customer? All I want from you guys is an honest answer.
If I am getting my money or not? I have wasted enough time with this issue. I am pretty sure if you guys wanted to take care of this issue you can! I feel that more than 2 months is enough for you guys to take care of this. If I do not hear from you guys tomorrow I will move forward.

Thank you.

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i am sure you will get your money well almost sure but i think give them 1 more week and you should have it by then if i were to guess.

guys on the forums seems to get stuff done much faster even though it has been 9 days since you posted here.

Player 1, But didn’t you just said in your previous comment they fix it within a day or two?

Plus 2 months of emailing chatting back and forth?

from what i read before email and chats are not effective for some reason when you publicly expose them then they take care of business

i do not work for them it was only my best guess but i do think they will pay you with in a week from what one of the moderators was saying.

I will see, I will wait until tomorrow. I did not intend to go on this Forum. Guess what! I waited for two months before I end up being here. I am not exposing this issue. I wanted it to be heard!
Just to let you know, this is their fault not mine!

you have exposed it by bringing it up here on the forums.
i think just give it another 7 days and even if you do not what else can you do but wait?

get a shot of some whiskey and watch cuties on netflix

I’m sorry for the run around, we were informed that you would receive an update by the end of the week. The department working on resolving this for you is out over the weekend, but I’ll circle back tomorrow with an update for you.

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Thank you Sam, I greatly appreciate you getting back with me.

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We’re here to report some good news, as you’ll be receiving your funds back to the account shortly.

We’ll be PMing you some account details regarding this now.


Same here, they said they processed the next day after withdrawal. Havent seen transfer. Been about 45 days. Emailed account information as requested over a week ago. No response. Bet if it was a deposit problem it would be fast service.