Where is my withdrawal?

I am waiting for my money $ 2,000 dollars since July 28,2020. It’s been two months now and they keep telling me They do not have an answer. I have told them my next move will be to report them to FBI I gave them the address. I have been a regular customer with Ignition. I wish they would treat their customer fair. So that they would get more business.

they can not do anything…
your only weapon is to drag their name through the mud

but i am sure ignition will pay you…i do not think i have ever seen someone not get paid unless they were caught botting or cheating or something to that degree

can you explain the story? how did you cash out?

Go look at my records you will see the emails and Chat with your customer service and financial services on how they mis-informed about everything. If I tell you the story this will take me hours.
All I want from ignition is to be fair. If you keep your customer happy , they will keep coming back!

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i am not an ignition rep…if you read some of my posts it is pretty obvious

but when you explain your story here that is when you get paid.

the forum reps know how to handle the bed sheets

tell us the 3 hour long story i am all eyes for reading

We’re looking into the situation for you. As this has been going on for sometime, please bear with us while we review everything that’s happened.

We’ll circle back to you with an update via private message as soon as possible.

umm sam what about me i mean us

do we get to find out what happened so we do not fall into the same pit?

It’s not your withdrawal :slight_smile:

If there’s any general information we can share, we will.

:frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Thank you Sam. I hope to hear from you soon.

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I sorry Player1 I thought you work for Ignition. Although I can tell you this, Ignition is not a bad Online Gaming. They just need to take care of their customers and respond to them in a timely manner. For example: I do not have Bitcoin and can only do a wire transfer. Once the money is/was wired, they should email the customer and let them know where the money is coming from, the bank name, how much in dollars, the country where it is coming from. The bank asks their customer if they are expecting a wire transfer. They ask me where the money is coming from, what country, what type of $ and what is the name of the bank . The bank here in the United States is very strict on wire transfers due to a lot of fraud. They monitor your account carefully. One wrong information you give them. They will send the money back to where it came from. That’s what happened in my case. I called the ignition customer service and they gave me the wrong information. They said the money came from Canada and it didn’t. It came from Agency in the UK somewhere. So When I gave that information to my bank, they said it was a fraud. I called Ignition back and told them what happened. They cannot and will not give me any information about where it came from and if the money was returned to them. A few days later after trying to get information from my bank. My bank gave me the information where the money came from after it was sent back, so I called ignition casino again and told them this is the information I can give you from my bank blah, blah , blah. Then ignition casino customer service said I need a proof of Statement that my bank rejected the money. So I provided them the proof. I sent them the statement. After a few days I follow through again with ignition customer service. They said They do not have the update yet and they will check for me within 48 hours. I said ok. Again the following 48hours I checked again with the customer service. This time they said I need to send the proof of statement to Financial Services and that they do not handle this case or situation, so I did send the statement to financial services. Until now I always checked with financial services and still no answer from them.

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some guy had a very similar problem with a wire transfer and the ignition forum reps fixed it within a day or two.

i have done wires in the past and never had a problem.


if you read that, it should give you some hope.

oh just noticed your first post was in the thread haha sorry

i am sure they will fix this for you.

Thank you player1, at least you gave hope. Hopefully I can start playing again once this is taking care off.

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The FBI cannot help you, and no third party can assist you. You need to work with Ignition.


FBI is such a joke anyway Trump gutted them out and drained their swamp

even if the FBI were not as corrupt as they are/were they would never waste time with a poker site unless they can seize your money and ignitions.

100% sure ignition will come through for you…well 99%…

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Just stepping in to make sure you’re aware that we are still looking into this situation and should have a response for you hopefully soon.

We will remain your point of contact going forward for the situation and you can PM us if you have any specific questions.

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foster foster he is our man
if he cant do it
no one can!

:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

edit 10-5-2020
trying not to hijack the thread but very interested in the results…i went for a walk the other day and was thinking about this topic.

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Dear Foster,

I am still waiting for your response. Please let me know.


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I think about it everyday. I
wonder if I should play again on Ignition or not.

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I am going to ensure this gets brought up in our meeting and try to have a better update tomorrow. Unfortunately we still have no response from the actual Withdrawals team as of yet.

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Just let them know I have spoken with, 5 customer service on chat connections, 2 customer service supervisor . 20 emails back and forth from financial services.

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