Which Exchange Do You Use to Buy Crypto

With the current issues with Binance, I’m looking for another safe alternative to purchase Crypto specifically LTC. I have access to Coinbase but haven’t used it in quite some time.

Typically I’ll buy the crypto then send it off to the sportsbook/casino directly without using a third party. I’ve never had any issues. I’m not worried about sending crypto back to the exchange at all, that’s not part of my equation.


I can recommend you to use Cashapp if Coinbase has any issues.

I use cashapp, Coinbase and Trust

DO NOT USE cashapp for withdrawals though, they will close your account.

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You can use wallet between us and exchange, I think that will work.

Thanks for the suggestions, there’s no way in **** I’ll use Cash App. I wouldn’t recommend using them. They are quick to shut down your account and it’s a thieves playground on top of it. I beat them to it and shut down my account before they could. :slight_smile:

Tell me about Trust - I’ve never heard of them.

Trust wallet. Apples crypto wallet app. I only use it to purchase crypto via applepay when I’m over my limit with Coinbase or when Coinbase has their issues.

I can’t use my debit cards anywhere because chase always flags it has suspicious activity and I have to wait 24-48 hours with bank transfers so typically I use Trust only because it’s instant.

For withdrawals I always use Coinbase and then do free bank transfer that usually posts to my bank within 6 hours. I’ve heard of people having issues with Coinbase but I’ve made dozens of withdrawals here over the last 3 years and have never had an issue. :crossed_fingers:

And you might look around and see if there are any CRYPTO ATMs in your area. I have one about 3 miles away and it works like a champ and there is no KYC involved.

-RANT BEGINS- If you didn’t notice the FEDS are screwing around with the major exchanges and the TBTF banks are getting involved setting up their crypto exchanges. That’s how it works. The real BIG institutions want to get into something they get their FED buddies to come down on the independent entities or pass laws requiring outrageous requirements on the little guys that only the ToBigToFail fat cats can afford AND THEN they (fat cats) write it off as a business expense so they aren’t out squat. -Rant Ends-

Yeah, they shut me down too. And, I always transferred to my private wallet before routing it elsewhere — which tells me they are following the coins even after they are sold.