Which slot machines you win on

My roommate was playing earlier today and she won on her first time playing. I suggested 5 reel circus because it seems like the bonuses are really good and fun. She played that and 777 and she won! She texted me and told me and I played and I won too on 5 reel circus. I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions on fun slots!

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Cleopatras coins is a good one, u can win up to 100 free spins


I’ve had success on Dragons with single spin wins during the 10 free spins feature of $72,000 and $90,000.


I have been playing fast and sexy for yrs now and this site and 3 others and there is no jackpot nor do you win very much on this game. Any suggestions on a better game to win on

I’m 100% addicted to Diamond Dragon. It doesn’t always pay out, hell it can go cold for what feels like FOREVER, but when it pays it PAYS!

My #2 goto is Multiplier Man. Pretty much the same volatility as Diamond Dragon, but I like the mini games it has. I still have screenshots of a few 4k Free Spin payouts I got a while back.

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My go tos. Are Catsino, 5 reel circus, Cleopatra coins and Eggstravganza when funds get low!


got 666 free spins on scary rich 3… and won over a thousand on it . On a 12cent bet

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They are basically all trash compared to cafe,slots.lv, and bovado sites. Same slots, same parent company, very different payouts. But if I had to choose I’d say catsino,champselysees,firestorm7 and Cleo

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how much did u bet?

So you think Bovada and Slots.lv have better payouts on slots compared to Ignition? I notice when I play slots on Bovada that my money goes a lot further, meaning I do not lose as fast like on Ignition, which is more fun.

How much were you betting on Multiplier man

Champs Elysees crushes me every-time I play it. Catsino is good and so is Rise of Poseidon.

Mystic Wolf. High volatility but when it hits :grin:

I call bs. How much were you betting ?

Yes would love to know how much you were betting to win $72k and $90k?

I play Dragons all the time and the 10 free spins have some of the worst payouts for free spins I have ever experienced.

Won 72k on a $25 bet, first 3 expanded with wilds, two greenies in mid4th, bottom fifth spots. Won 90k with $125 bet with same scenario but reds. Win 15k in a $5 bet once. $400 on a .50 spin…and gave most of it all back

Wow!! That is super lucky spins on huge bets…congrats!! Hope you kept some of that money are that is over $150k.

Typically $1 spins then move up to $5 if I hit a few mini games. I’ve hit a couple 5 and 10$ free spins that paid big. Can anyone confirm if playing multiplier man on mobile pays more consistently like the dev website says it should?

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Been there! Done that! Not that much winnings though, but most of the time it just gets dumped right back in, lol.

Mystic Wolf is unreal when it hits!!!

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