Why is this even an issue to get fixed?

So I received an email for a promo of $25 if I log into the live casino, pretty basic I thought, So I log into the live casino and it doesn’t give me the promo. No problem I’ll just log out and erase my History and try again still nothing. Log in to chat customer service wait 15 minutes finally talk to somebody after 30mins they referred me to the pit boss of the live casino. So I log off of the chat And log back in to the live casino talk to the pit boss, he says the promo was nothing to do with them and I need to get a hold of customer service. So log back in and decide to try the forum , I messaged a mod and she escalated to the right people I was told. 8 hrs later I Login and her reply was I need to go through the pit boss to get the promo. Lol

Meanwhile I email customer service, explain the issue to customer service and there reply was” thanks for the feedback” if you need any more help please contact us as we’re available 24 /7 .

So I get it’s $25 not a very big deal, and i’ll live if I don’t get the $25 promo honestly I’ll be OK, I gamble a lot , my miles will show ya that , so I would think you guys would want to do everything you could to fix a simple issue to keep my business but I don’t feel that you guys even care at this point. Maybe it’s because I haven’t deposited here in a while but I can assure you I still gamble just as much as I ever have it’s just not here anymore and because of reasons like this. So I’ll leave it at that if someone wants to fix the issue great if not that’s fine too I’ve already put more time in this than I ever wanted to.

Sorry for the rant, And I just want to say the mod that helped me on here was trying to be helpful and I believe she was trying to do everything she could so nothing negative about her.


having this issue as well. They escalated my request to have the reward reviewed but that was a day ago. yea 25 is no big deal but it would be nice if they could follow through on the small rewards they give. The reward also ends in 9 hours and should have been gifted 2 days ago.

I’m sorry you feel this way, however, I’ve reviewed your interaction with both agents and from what I can see, they assisted you and advised you of steps to follow in order to have your issues resolved.

For now, this is escalated and you’ll be notified once an update is available.