Winnings not credited to account - slots

Anyone else having the issue of winning while
Playing a slot and not getting them? I just won $7.20 and then $2.00 but didn’t get credited to my balance. Idk why this site has been so unstable lately!

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Last week i used 21.000 miles to get 15 free spins,when i used all 15 got just 45 cents,is it poaible that?

@rnw529 Please send us a PM with the details and we can take a look for you

I’m having issues too with slots. Frequently showing symbols arranged in the screen that indicate a winning spin, yet doesn’t pay correctly or even at all. See screenshot that follows. The time and date it happens is in the file name. *I have to hop on my computer to grab the file, idk if I can attach it to this reply or have to do a new reply… Brb

edit *** heres pic


Just got into bonus round on mystic. Won $40 something. Still had spins remaining and tells me to reload game. Reload game. Nothing . Clear cache and cookies. Still nothing. Did this multiple times. Can’t contact support cause they’re on vacation for the past year . Always timed out and can’t get any help . Did I hit the jackpot and got robbed? What’s the deal here?


Now this thread got Me thinking. There was multiple times I would hit 2 rows of diamonds on reel xl and I’m like wtf that’s it??. Going to screen shot suspicious payout now. Probably a good idea since they been doing shady things to their customers

THURSDAY between 5:34 am and 5:37 am A Night at Cleo $2.00 Win not credited to account.Plus several $2.00 Jackpot and Gos over the last 3 weeks not refunded.Matt did take care of the $7 Jackpot and Go tickets thank you.

Can any mods help with my situation? Still didnt get paid. Very sus

What’s the meaning of this

Hi, is there something you need us to look at for you?

David I had a bonus of bitcoin 32 dollar to be exact I used my bitcoin bonus and I login and it gone

It would appear the bonus was forfeited.
Bonus Forfeited: 100% Bitcoin Adviser Match 06/12/2022 10:52 PM ET

I never forfeited it I was logged out due to poker connections then they was gone due to a glitch they kept switching me to the poker lobby back to main screen not loading and going back and fourth which I couldn’t control so I shut down the page came back and it was gone

It was 100% forfeited.
I can add it again for you but you will need to deposit at least $32.20 for me to be able to do that, or it will just put your account in negative.

It says I closed it but it was not me do I need contact customer service

As I said, it can be re-activated. But as the deposit is now gone, it will put your balance into negative if i do. So the only way I can reactivate this is if there is $32.20 or more on your account.

I only used the bitcoin match deposit once the pictures up there was referring to missing bonus spins winnings the one I’m referring to is

The first one that was closed due to website poker glitch issues I experience all the time

so you are not referring to the one on the 12th but the one on the 6th?

I’ve been having the same issue with this particular slot for the past few months! I also have some the screenshots and transaction dates and time saved. Did you ever get any resolve?

Ive had it happen many times. Also, ive had my balance wiped out and prompted to make a deposit out of the blue. Eventully my money reappears. Its bizarre the stuff that happens. Landing on ghost bonuses.