Withdrawal help

Hi, I won $3600 playing roulette earlier this morning. I signed up for Match Play and withdrew all $3600 into Match Play thinking it was an easy transfer to Paypal or Cash App, but it turned out to be something else, so I transferred the $3600 from Match Play back into my Ignition Account.

I chose to have a check mailed by courier instead, but now it is telling my I need to wager all $3600 due to the Anti Money Laundering check. What can I do about this?


I went ahead and took care of the wagering requirements, but I think Ignition should spell this out a little more clearer. In my case, I won on roulette, sent the funds to matchpay, then sent it back to Ignition…my Ignition account and matchpay all show this. It was a mistake, not money laundering. I shouldn’t of had to wager/risk the funds I already won in order to just withdrawal them.

In this case I took a small hit, now I just hope there are no other issues with my withdrawal.

What is matchpay? I have made one withdrawal and since then i cant withdrawal into my cash app account. Do i need to be using this matchpay?

@BestaVanessa MatchPay is the transaction method that is offered to some accounts. This is on discretion of the payments team.

@JP1276 Thank you for sharing your experience. The thing is that, all the deposits should meet the Anti-Money Laundering policy conditions, prior to being eligible for a withdrawal. This means that if you deposit $200 you’d need to play through X1 all $200 and then request a withdrawal.

Hi, I understand the policy, but I just wished Customer Service would have reviewed my transactions to see exactly what my issue was. I was forced to gamble money I just won in order to be able to withdrawal it.

Please have this page updated with a note that states that once you re-deposit money from MatchPay back to Ignition that you will need to wager it. In my case my Ignition winnings went from Ignition to MatchPay, right back to Ignition…which then I learned forced me to wager them again.




If you make a deposit you would need to meet the AML policy conditions. The system cannot recognize if the funds are the same that you withdrew 5-10 minutes ago.