Withdrawal review taking a long time

Why is my bitcoin review taking so long? It’s been 3 days and all they can tell me is my review will be done soon. That was 10 hrs ago. Anything I can do to speed this up?

Hi @Mikep81,

Welcome to our Forum, nice of you to join.

Upon review, it shows that you need to verify your account. You need to provide your Id and a picture of you holding your ID to your face. Please send these details to verification@ignitioncasino.eu

Ok not a problem will do it now.
Thank u very much. I’ve been through 5 live chats I wish they could have just told me that. I really appreciate the quick response.

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Ya I didn’t know I had to and they never asked me to verify my identity. Thanks again. I Already sent it in.

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One more question for ya Kareem
How long does it take now to get my ID is verified?
Thank you

It’s been verified now :slight_smile: