Withdrawl processed but not recieved

Hello, I made a withdraw on saturday, got the email that said it was processed yesterday morning but have still not received the funds. double checked the address and it was right

I can see that you contacted Customer Services about this issue. I’m going to take a look into this for you as well and I’ll update you via PM.

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Hello all, it seems the customer support phone number is down (potentially due to the virus) but I withdrew an amount in Bitcoin about 3-4 days ago. It took a day or two to ‘Process’ and was approved. Yesterday morning at 6:00 am it was approved to be exact, (the 26th of march). It still has not shown up in my account. Ignition hides the hash so i cannot track the bitcoin transaction. Is this normal to see this kind of time frame in terms of seeing the funds show up on my account? Thank you to anyone taking the time to respond!

Nash I would love to get some help on this front from you as well if possible…I just posted Bitcoin Withdrawal Problem in the forum and with customer support down I don’t know what to do.

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Welcome to the forum @xavyr123, I will take a look at your withdrawal request and I’ll send over a PM shortly with more information.

Never revived actually help from Ignition as they dont give the hash of transfer. Even though this site says 2 days mine was processed in more like 5, this may be your issue but that was mine.

Nash, I could use help with this issue ass well if there’s anything you can do to assist??

I am having the same issue. It’s been almost 2 hrs since I receive email confirmation that ignition has processed the withdrawal but no sign of it in my wallet or blockchain search.

Welcome to the forum @Cory98, I will take a look at your request and send you a PM shortly.

Thank you, that would be great.

I am also having this issue. I received a confirmation email this morning and have yet to see the money in my account

I will take a look as well and be in touch.

Yeah looks like the same issue for me here too.

@Jcrowyo2323 I’ve sent you a PM with more details.

I haven’t received my Bitcoin withdrawal after it was processed. Anyone know what to do?

I withdrew 24 hours ago but still haven’t received anything. It said it was processing but that’s all… just checking to make sure everything is ok

usually goes through in about an hour, but waiting 11 hours + for this last one… not complaining, but also seems odd USDT deposits/withdrawals are down as well

@Chase6c apologize for the inconvenience. Seems like you already canceled it.

@DandyWarhol I checked with the payments team and they are working on processing it for you as soon as possible.

I did not cancel it, (I would be fine with that, but the “cancel” button is greyed out)… it has been “processing” since Sunday morning… I think it has gotten crossed up with the payment processor and in limbo… it was for a small amount, and was already reviewed… I don’t understand why it can’t just be returned to my balance