Worst Bonus Round Ever?

Rumpel Thrill Spins
$1 spins
Hit the scatter
24 free spins
X4 multiplier

Won $1.80

Now, I have had ok luck the past month or so on Ignition. So I don’t know if this is them getting back at me. But this is just wrong. There is no way that should happen. I am not going to let them steal their money back.

Good luck everyone!


I feel your pain. I have screenshots of at least a dozen bonus rounds where I won $0. It’s not a good feeling when you go hundreds of spins without a bonus and then finally hit one and not even win your bet back. The worst one for me was 50 spins on cyber punk for 6x my bet :rage:

You had 50 free spins and won $0???

So listen to this. Played again today.

Over 1,500 spins
Hit 1 scatter/bonus for $4
Here are my RTP’s for my 5 sessions

I lost $500 in about an hour on $1 and $.50 spins……something has definitely been done to my account. Is it because I have had a couple withdrawals lately?

I need some sort of explanation from the @moderators or I am never depositing on the site ever again.



No, I made 5.25x my bet on the 50 spin bonus on CyberPunk but have had 15-20 bonus rounds on Wheels and Cyber where Ive won $0 and another 36 spin bonus on Wheels where I won 4.4x my bet. Ridiculous lol

I know it’s definitely possible to win. In fact I’m actually in profit over the last 6 months combined. But man when it’s bad here it’s AWFUL.

I’ve had sessions where I’ve gone 1500-2000 spins without a single bonus spin. I would like to believe they can’t manipulate the RNG but sometimes it’s definitely hard to not question the legitimacy of the RNG.

I know all about losing and running bad. I’ve been doing it for years but sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m just running bad and more of my account is just set up to lose and to lose bad.

Yeah that’s how I feel right now.

I really enjoy playing on here. There’s a handful of games I like to play. And I would much rather gamble sitting on my couch rather than having to drive to a casino.

Good runs and bad runs happen. That’s why they call it gambling. But with how bad it’s been the past 24 hours on here….it’s just not worth it anymore. I feel that something has definitely been adjusted on my account.

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