Worst Poker Day in a While

Has anyone else had a much harder time than usual today with getting connected to their games and PLAYING? No issues with the buy-ins of course given this site’s propensity to suck your money every which way, It’s the actual getting into the games I’ve bought into already that’s been an absolute nightmare today especially…


Yes, constant lag and software crashes on iOS safari. Playing two tables I was unable to view any tournament lobby without the software crashing. There’s a recurring glitch where the tables will completely stop responding to any inputs and logging out and clearing cache does nothing to fix it. It seems like the only fix is switching devices for 20-30 min and it’ll eventually let you back it.

These have been happening for the past week or two so clearly an issue on ignition’s end.

@Dan_123 please provide tournament number and we’ll take a look.

Hey Nicolas, you’re seriously just gonna ignore me outright while you go asking Dan for the tournament numbers on his? What am I shouting into the void?! Genuinely curious to know why you think he’s worthy of your help while I’m not, even though we both appear to have encountered largely the same glitch in your dangerously faulty poker software…

My apologies, I though you were not complaining about technical issues itself. I must’ve misread your post. If you provide the tournament number I’ll of course check them for you as well.

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No problem, thanks for getting back. Unfortunately it might be hard for me to dig that info up cause this happened a few nights ago and I’ve bought into a fair few sit & gos since. If I am somehow able to indentify the right ones in my transaction history, however, would just the buy-in time be enough, or do you need the tournament number too? If so, where can I find this please? Not seeing it listed anywhere in the basic transaction history Poker tab…

No worries, if you tell me the date and time (ET) and buy-in I’ll try to find them.

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Awesome, I reiterate that my transaction history is fairly congested, but I THINK it’s the 8:23 pm $10.50 buy-in and 8:39 $26.25 to which I’m referring. Both 500 chips as I recall. Check the hand history and you’ll see…

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When was it? Do you remember the date?

Whoops! Sorry, of course, both those buy-ins took place on the evening of 8-18-23…

I have played a large number of tournaments in the past couple weeks so it’s tough to narrow it down. As I said these have been overall recurring issues and not really specific to a single tournament. But as one example, I had these issues when multi tabling the $109 mini main event and $450 main event last Sunday. Had to switch over to my iPhone twice when the tournaments stopped responding on my iPad. The tournament would keep running like normal but the page wouldn’t respond to any inputs. After 20-30 min it would start working again. Logging out and back in and clearing the safari cache did nothing.

To be clear I’m not asking for a refund here because it didn’t end up affecting the result. I just want the software to stop running like crap. It’s incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to focus on playing and have to deal with these problems. If this were to happen when short stacked it could absolutely affect the results.

I’ll review both accounts and message you.

Hey Nicolas, thanks so much for absolutely nothing! Silly me to think you’d divert attention from this public forum with anything even remotely positive in the form a private message…

Why is it that in the past Ignition would grant me a ticket for a disconnection like this with ease (ie right away in the chat boxes,) whereas now you’re having me jump through many more verification hopes only to do absolutely nothing about it in the end?

I don’t CARE if you’re not able to do anything to verify that not EVERYONE was disconnected, that’s not the point. The point is that my internet was still running seamlessly on all websites but one when I bought into these two Sit & Gos (and many more, which I can’t get into now, btw) only to freeze and disconnect from this one when the time came to play these two tournies.

Why is it that in the past when the EXACT same problem occurred, Ignition chat members wouldn’t bat an eye and grant me a ticket of equal value right away? Why has the help on this website gotten so much more stubborn and WORSE over the past six months?

I think the bottom line here is after checks are done, if it is not deemed to be an issue on our end then the agents will not be able to issue a refund.