You trucking doubled the rake?

WHEN WERE YOU PLANNING ON TELLING EVERYONE THAT YOU HAD EFFECTIVELY DOUBLED THE CASHGAME RAKE ON 5NL-50NL. the rake sturcture has been 5% capped at 4bb for as long as i’ve been here (and that alone sets you as the 2nd most expensive US facing poker room in operation today). now i’m looking through my tracker and notice something off because i was looking at a 100bb effective all in hand that we chopped and my return looked off, so i investigate… how long has this been going on? was any notice made to the players?

what gives guys? this is slimy on a whole new level.

You can see the poker rakes HERE

yeah, but the game is taking a rake on the flop and the turn…possibly the river to???

Rake comes out of the entire pot…