Zone poker 0.25/0.50

At 3:45pm yesterday i opened two zone poker tables with $50 each. The tables abruptly closed, and as of today, I am still missing the money from those tables.

I also can only sit at two tables currently because the system still thinks I am sitting at the 2 zone tables.

Is this a known issue. Would a moderator be able to assist me on this matter?
Yesterday just wasnt my day. I am still missing the 15000 ignition points from depositing over $100 with bitcoin.

thank you!

Any update on this matter? Should i send an email to support?


Seems like this has been already escalated. As for the BTC perks, this has been added to your account.

I last sat at NL 50 zoom on Friday March 10th,2023. It is not Friday March 17th, 2023. I am still missing money from my account. And i can still only sit at two tables max instead of four. Ever since last Friday, the software thinks im still at those two tables. It sounds like it has been escalated as you said, but a week is a long time to be missing money from my account. It gets me worried.

Secondarily, it would be nice to be able to sit ar 4 tables at a time again as ive always been able to do in the past.

Emailing has not led to results so far so I am reaching out here again.

Thank you for any assistance.

Just keeping this thread active as I am still missing over $100 and I can still only sit at 2 tables instead of 4 tables. I have been missing the money since March 10th 2023

Yikes definitely not a good look for the site if what you claim is real. Good luck on getting your money back

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Yes it is very real. I just wish I could get support to even acknowledge that they can see that I sat down with over $100 between the two tables, and none of it has been returned back to my account. It seems very easy to verify as the transaction history always shows the Table Buy In" amount and the “Cashout” amount.

In this situation it seems like they could observe that I bought in on that day, and nothing was ever credited back.

What was the resolution from escalation 9 days ago

There has been no resolution. I was given the following trouble shooting steps from email support:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for contacting Ignition Casino Customer Service.

We hope this email finds you well and enjoying your day.

To resolve this issue we suggest trying the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. We highly suggest that if you’re using a phone to use Google Chrome as a Browser and to switch to incognito mode.
  2. Clear the cache and cookies from your browser.
  3. Make sure your internet connection is stable. Preferably use wired internet rather than WiFi.
  4. Re-start your device.
  5. Try using a different device if applicable.
  6. Re-start your device, wait around 90 seconds and load the session again.
  7. For the best experience use a PC, wired internet connection and Google Chrome browser on Incognito mode.

We also suggest trying the Poker Software Troubleshooting steps detailed in the Help Center article linked below:

I tried them all pretty confident these steps would not help as it appears to be something on their server end that thinks I am still sitting at those two tables for over 16 days!. In full disclosure, they offered me a $20 jackpot sit and go ticket for the delay. That was seven days ago, and I haven’t received any updates since.

Sounds like the email you received was their way of telling you that it is your fault and that they are trying to go without compensation. They are hoping the $20 SNG was sufficient for you. No escalation should take that long. That’s ridiculous

If you had $50 at each table and weren’t able to play anything then you should still have $100 in your account. That simple

I agree. and no the $20 SNG is not sufficient when I am expected to trust my funds on this site moving forward. Not to mention, I would never trade $20 for $100, and I definitely wouldnt trade it for never being able to sit at 4 tables at a time again, which has been the case with my account since March 10th, 2023.

Very obvious that something is wrong if the system will only let me sit at 2 tables.

For clarification, I am aware that the site only allows 2 zone tables at a time. The site has always allowed 2 zone tables and 2 regular cash tables at the same time (total of 4). Or two zone tables and two tournaments… I can only do 2 period, no matter the mix.

any help would be appreciated.

I also had this issue the same time you did, have you gotten any help since?

No i have not gotten any help since. I am glad you posted, as I know i am not the only one effected from March 10th, 2023.

There are some people on 2plus2 forum that also had issues on March 10, 2023 from zone50.

Maybe knowing this isnt just one persons issue will get the escalation team to pay it more attention.

The problem is, zone 50 can only have 50 people seated at one time, so at most only 50 people are effected and they just might not care about thay small number.

I tried contacting customer support via email a couple weeks ago, and also by live chat recently and they were very unhelpful to say the least. They keep looking for my transaction history even though the problem is it won’t show up on that. Any ideas of what other steps to take?

I think we should keep this thread updated, and hopefully someone devotes enough time to actually research what failed on their end. Right now, all we get is quick responses that indicate no one is really paying this real attention.

It will suck for them if this flaw hits their customers on a bigger scale. Honestly, this issue is big enough for me that I would have left the site if there were any real alternatives for US citizens. They have the luxury of not needing to care because of the limited options.

As far as where my situation is, I continue to email back and forth. At this time I still cannot sit at the maximum of 4 tables at a time, and I have not received any of my missing money back

Just adding this: You said only 50 can sit at Zone…they only show the first 50 players, there is a “+” after the 50 to show that there are more than 50 players in the game. I am not sure there is a limit on nunber of players at all, they would just keep creating more tables as more players log in.

You are correct. I forgot about that

I don’t remember where I seen that, probably a poker streamer or something like that.
I am not sure about the max tho, I wonder if their software has a number that it cuts off at. I would assume they have enuf to just keep opening new tables as players pile in…