Zone poker 0.25/0.50

At 3:45pm yesterday i opened two zone poker tables with $50 each. The tables abruptly closed, and as of today, I am still missing the money from those tables.

I also can only sit at two tables currently because the system still thinks I am sitting at the 2 zone tables.

Is this a known issue. Would a moderator be able to assist me on this matter?
Yesterday just wasnt my day. I am still missing the 15000 ignition points from depositing over $100 with bitcoin.

thank you!

Any update on this matter? Should i send an email to support?


Seems like this has been already escalated. As for the BTC perks, this has been added to your account.

I last sat at NL 50 zoom on Friday March 10th,2023. It is not Friday March 17th, 2023. I am still missing money from my account. And i can still only sit at two tables max instead of four. Ever since last Friday, the software thinks im still at those two tables. It sounds like it has been escalated as you said, but a week is a long time to be missing money from my account. It gets me worried.

Secondarily, it would be nice to be able to sit ar 4 tables at a time again as ive always been able to do in the past.

Emailing has not led to results so far so I am reaching out here again.

Thank you for any assistance.

Just keeping this thread active as I am still missing over $100 and I can still only sit at 2 tables instead of 4 tables. I have been missing the money since March 10th 2023