Beware of cash app!

**Has anybody else had their cash app accounts closed due to spending money at an online casino? Well I did so just beware everybody they will not give you a warning or anything. I literally had my first ever dispute on a transaction that had nothing to do with a casino and because I disagreed with their decision to deny my dispute they closed my account. Apparently it is in their rules and regulations that you CANNOT spend YOUR OWN money on or at any gambling businesses. **
** Last time I checked I am a grown woman and can spend MY MONEY wherever I see fit!! **
** Anyways it really socks because now I can’t deposit via bitcoin so I don’t get any of the match bonuses and that really gets on my nerves. I am still making a deposit but Ignition will not give me any kind of promotional offers on any of my deposits!! **

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This is an issue with cashapp. There are plenty of other wallets you can try though.

I get that and I have I’m just upset because I used cash app for A LOT and they closed my account how was I supposed to know I was not allowed to use cash app on casinos? That’s all I’m trying to say. And to let people know to be careful!

Happened to me too. I just created a new account, it recognized my phone number and moved my data to the new account and I was back using Cashapp again in minutes lol

They closed mine for using it here Lmao

Whoa, wait a min, you guys saying you got your CashApp account closed for sending/depositing BTC from CashApp to Ignition (funding your account)? Or for withdrawing your winnings from Ignition and sending it to your CashApp wallet?

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Cash app will close your account for either of those if you don’t use a private wallet as a middleman.

I used either my private wallet on the app or the coinbase private wallet app

Wow. Well this wouldn’t matter to me at all, but BTC withdrawals are expensive like literally everywhere else it seems.
I actually have an old Block-Chain app, haven’t opened that in forever, but blockchain app charged BTC withdrawal fees I thought

Idk about that, I just use the Blockchain app to withdrawal from online casino to the private wallet & if it’s not Bitcoin I convert it to Bitcoin then send it to cashapp so I can sell and instant transfer to my bank

The fees can add up, especially to sell and transfer on cashapp so I usually only make a withdrawal when it’s worth it

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Hmm, I didn’t know Block-Chain app had low withdrawal fees on BTC. Well, I haven’t withdrawn from here yet, but have a ton of times from other online casinos and the best way usually was to use Gemini. You get ten free crypto withdrawals per crypto type each month. Meaning you get ten free BTC withdrawals, 10 free LTC withdrawals, etc. that starts over every month so you basically have free withdrawals all the time. Which, if your withdrawing more than 10 times a month, you can afford to pay some fees lol.

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Are they instant?

Yes that’s EXACTLY what I am saying!! Cash app closed my account because apparently it states in their rules and regs that you cannot participate in online gambling!! No warning or anything!! They still won’t open my account back up after going round and round about it not being very professional to just close somebody’s account without explanation!!

You can open a new account, I’m on my 3rd

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The way I use it, if you wanna sand LTC for example to Gemini, then you can swap it for BTC (a small conversion fee), then once the crypto transaction is processed/verified in Gemini, you can withdraw. It takes like 20min or so for the crypto in Gemini to be confirmed before you can withdraw it back out. Maybe longer sometimes depending, but most I’ve ever waited was maybe 1-2hr max.

Thats what I was doing the only reason they figured it out was because I disputed a charge that had NOTHING to do with any casinos and they looked at all my transactions and denied my dispute and closed my account. My dispute was for a 400.00 jacket I never received and come to find out they are a fraudulent company and cash app still denied my claim even though I sent them A LOT of proof to that fact! Blows my mind!! Anyways thanks for all the advice everybody! Seems like since I complained on the forum I have not WON ANYTHING AT ALL!! KINDA STRANGE!!

If I’m not mistaken most financial institutions have a clause within their terms that explicitly state funds can’t be used for gambling amongst other things. This is nothing new and unfortunately you being a grown adult plays no role when it comes to the legal aspect of it. They have federal laws they have to abide by and when they process your transaction they become a party to your activity. My recommendation is keep your private stuff separate from your questionable activity.

Yup it’s crazy why do they care what we do with OUR time and money, blockchain is the way to go have made numerous deposits and withdrawals for a year with no problems

How are you suppose to know? You read the Terms and Conditions when you sign up.

Until the US gives up on The Wire Act, everyone is going to be really leary with unregulated gambling sites.