Bitcoin deposit issue

I have a completed and confirmed transaction ID for my bitcoin deposit but it’s not posting the funds in my account on ignition.

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@Jcrowyo2323 I see you recently had a Bitcoin deposit added to your account balance

Hi Matt, I had a bitcoin deposit I insisted hours ago and the exchange confirmed they completed taking my money but it’s just sitting on blockchain doing nothing for a long time and I was just wondering if you knew of any issues going on. It’s in limbo between exchange and ignition

I’ve seen multiple times today with the Blockchain network going slow with confirming transactions.

Well it’s happened again here - It’s been confirmed on the blockchain for 15 mins and still nothing on ignition. It seems like when I reach out to customer service or post on here, it moves the process along somehow so here’s hoping. I’m paying the higher network fees for quicker confirmation and it seems to be wasted - be cool to get a reimbursement for that at least. Idk. All good for the most part - thanks :+1:

@Jcrowyo2323 I’ll have a look

If I became a Bitcoin wings member, have I lost my credit card deposit options?

As per the PM we sent you previously this is correct.

I just made a bitcoin deposit, currently with 4 confirmations and my balance has not updated with the deposit.

Hey @acepicklerick, apologies for the delay. I’ve replied back to your PM as well but your deposit was issued shortly afterward.

I recently transferred bitcoin to ignition and haven’t received anything on my balance. I got a confirmation that my bitcoin was withdrawn. I’m worried I lost the money. Thanks

@yukaipanda, Welcome to the Forum. Note all bitcoin deposits do require 1 confirmation over the network before it will be processed, which you can check by inputting the address into any blockchain search such as at

If the deposit does have at least 1 confirmation please PM us here with the wallet address and we’ll look into it.

I apologize that I’m not too informed on the ins and outs of bitcoin.
I used to purchase bitcoin and then used the wallet to withdraw my coin and then used the address given by ignition to deposit. How can I go about confirming this? Thank you

In the search bar provided on beside the magnifying glass just copy and paste the wallet address you sent the funds to (Address provided by us). It will then bring you to another page that shows how many confirmations your deposit has on the network.

Alternatively, you can just PM us the wallet address and we’ll look into it as well.

I have been waiting for my Bitcoin deposits forever too

This has been spot on for me lately but just had a transaction receive two confirmations on the blockchain and still not posting to ignition. This is very frustrating as I’m sure you’re aware but whatever you could do to expedite is greatly appreciated.

Dear moderators, I’m currently having this particular problem. I deposited and funds are not showing in my account. Please help me anyone.

Sitting at two hours since my first confirmation. Ignition has been kicking butt with withdrawals lately, have no idea why the posting system varies so much. Chat CS isn’t crypto savy, so gives boilerplate and incorrect reasoning, but I’ll cut them some slack.

Edit: It just posted. Maybe posting here is good luck.

Hey guys,

This can sometimes take a bit of time due to congestion in the Bitcoin network but there’s no need to worry as a deposit should be issued as soon as it receives its confirmation.

@shelij1113 your deposit was issued shortly afterward and @Fuggit I’m sorry to see that our Customer Service wasn’t as helpful but I’m glad that your deposit has been posted now.

I ran into an issue with my bitcoin cash deposit yesterday and after speaking to a 3rd person last night on chat, he told me it was sent in a wallet and that theres resolution timeframe on this matter. Is there anything that can be done to expedite this? I’m new on this site and also with using bitcoin.