BTC/BCH deposits confirmed, but not credited to account

I deposited bitcoin to my account hours ago, which was confirmed by coinbase3, but is not available min my account t and is not showing as pending in transactions. I copied and double checked the address, so this issue lies with the casino. Is anyone else having a similar issue?

Same here. Hey send me my bitcoin back, I wanna play somewhere else ignition

Hey guys,

@Danenichols310 welcome to the forum.

I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this issue, I can assure you that your funds are safe and that our team is working on having this resolved as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reporting it to us and for your continued patience with the technical difficulties.

As soon as there’s an update, I will let you know.

Hey I treat y’all right. Now treat us right. I’m confirmed on blockchain. Thank yall

Over the last 2 weeks now anytime I’ve used bitcoin cash or bitcoin it’s taking literally hours to deposit into my account, additionally last night at 8:22 pm last night I sent around $122.00 and it still hasn’t posted to my account however I confirmed per the blockchain that the deposit with through well over 14 hours a go. I’ve tried to email ignition casino multiple times and still nothing any insight? I’m not attempting to break the rules or disrespect anyone or any website but here lately with the quality of the blackjack and the lack of funds being available after their sent I find myself venturing off to other websites so far I’ve found 1 that’s meeting a decent standard. Any advice, or suggestions definitely welcome .

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Still don’t have BCH deposit credited. Was wondering when that might get rectified @William. Any idea?

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the ambiguity of the situation isn’t helping much either. “Technical issue” doesn’t really paint a picture of the problem. Is the software bugged out or are the servers down? I just made two bch deposits and upon inspecting them I’ve discovered that they are sent to the same address, which isn’t the traditional way on this site. Sketchy would be an apt description.


Guys, I think it’s time we accept that the money won’t be seen again. They obviously have done something very wrong that has lost them access to their BTC wallet. My only other guess would be that one of the “big dogs” pulled a 2011 Full Tilt/Poker Stars move that put us in the same exact situation. I have lost many hours of sleep over this just like most of you. But the common theme right now is that the Mods are quiet on here and on the Bovada forum. They’re out of excuses and have probably quit already. This could be a blessing in disguise because even if we did see our deposits, are we guaranteed to receive our withdraws? Based on the other guys who have been waiting days or even weeks for their withdraws to hit, I don’t see anything getting better anytime soon. I hope I am wrong and everything gets back to normal but I’d rather prepare for the worst. May the Poker Gods forever be on our side!

I am worried that my BTC deposit is going to get stuck on the blockchain with all of this going on. Can you confirm that my deposit will be applied? It says it has hit the blockchain on my end.

Of course, when the issue is resolved if there were any deposits that were not credited, we will make sure to do so.

Please know that your funds are safe and that once the issue is resolved, everyone will be taken care of.

Apologies for the delay everyone.

@Danenichols310 @jessicarose186 I can see that your deposits have since been credited.
@Carterx7 @TinCup @redeyedtf @idiotnumbernone I’m currently working on getting the deposits that you have made sorted. I’ll keep you all posted with updates as soon as I have them.

Any update on this Sam? It’s been quite awhile since my BCH deposit. Still not credited to my account. Any update you can provide would be great! Thanks!

Any update on my BCH deposit?

We’re still working on this @TinCup, but this topic will be updated once we know more.

Bovada Mods said that anyone who has not received their deposit yet will be receiving a bonus relative to the deposit amount. I hope Ignition will be doing the same?

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Any idea on how long it will take my deposit hasn’t been credited on my account yet

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@Sam any eta on my deposit? It’s been over 24 hrs or so. Can you help?

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I feel like every employee I talk to has told me to “rest assured”. That used to be a calming phrase but now my anxiety just spikes and I end up losing sleep because of it. Has a reverse effect on me. Anyone else?

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I made a Bitcoin deposit on the 30th of November and it still hasn’t been credited to my account. what is the system error and why is it taking so long? just give me my refund.

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