Cash Game Tables stuck at 99%

I’m having an issue getting cash game tables to load the last few days, specifically 9 handed $.50/$1 and 9 handed $1/$2. The table window pops up but gets stuck loading at 99% and I never get a seat. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if it will be resolved any time soon?

Hi @DirtyMike, I’m sorry to hear you are having an issue with loading your cash games.

I’ll send you a PM.

I’m using the app on a desktop. I have already talked with support and followed their instructions with no fix. I’ve tried using a separate device and the online browser and nothing seems to work. I have no problem loading most tables just specifically the stakes I listed

I am having the exact same issue, using the client on desktop, I can hardly ever get a $0.50/$1 full ring table to load, always sticks at 99%. I can get the .25/.50 and 1/2 full ring tables as well as the .50/1 6 max tables to load just fine, have tried different computers and still can’t get specifically the .50/1 full ring tables to load, very frustrating.

Hi guys, If you get the same issue again could you grab some screenshots so we can get the issue looked at for you.

I am having exact same issue, specifically 100nl fullring. Can load 50 or 200 full ring just fine.

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Welcome to the forum @coordi.

We appreciate the screenshot and we’ll forward this to our team.

I can’t enter any cash games, stuck at 99

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Same here. Can’t load 500plo, stops at 99%.

Have the same issue too on occasion even today playing on my smartphone… Not sure how to fix this…

I believe this problem has now been resolved, let us know if you still have a problem.

Happening to me right now, stuck at 99% in browser for cash games. Inspect says 409 errors with the api not existing, is it down?

Have had this for the past 30 hours. Nothing has worked. Deleting cookies, reinstallation, restarting computer, different stakes. Stuck on 99% for cash games. I usually have very few problems compared to the overall population over the years, too. Fix your software.

Welcome back @cah102984, I’m sorry for the delay response can you please send us a a video or screenshot to this?

Hi, I am having this same problem joining cash games now. I tried the suggested steps for technical issues and reinstalled software. Nothing works. any cash game I try to join just hangs up at 99%… please dont ask me to share a screen shot, It looks just like all the ones above. I see this is not a new problem for Ignition. Please advise.

Same as above. Not sure how a screenshot of the same thing is going to help you.

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Also here for the same reason. Been happening more often recently and now nothing loads at all.

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I was hoping to clear some rake for you and maybe re-deposit for a bonus. Not really looking like that now. We should be getting some extra bonus for this nonsense.

Hi guys, can you pleas try clearing your browser history along with you cache and cookies for all time and then close the software or website browser and retry.

Done that already. Do you guys read anything we say?