Deposited ETH Funds, Never Credited

Hello. I deposited $98 worth of ETH over 5 days ago. The transaction was fully confirmed with 64 confirmations within 6 minutes of being sent yet here we are 5 days later and the funds have still not been credited to my acct. A chat rep said she could tell the transaction was confirmed and was escalating the case to Ignition’s financial team and it would be reviewed in 24 hrs. Yet here we are, 5 days later, no funds, zero communication since from Ignition or the financial team.

Several days ago I reached out on here and a mod named Effie quickly turned my post private. Attempts to message her since then have gone unreturned. Is there anyone out there that can actually help me out here? I can provide screenshot of transaction/confirmation from last week.

Hi. Your post was turned into a private message because we needed to discuss account specific information. Personal information should not be posted on public threads. I have reached out to the team to see if there might be an update available.

Hi any update on my missing funds?

We’ve requested an update on this. sadly there is none yet to share.

I’ve been a loyal player on this site for over a decade. I’m sure you can tell by looking at my account. I would expect so much better customer service than I am receiving, it’s been six days, what is the holdup? Can you get to the bottom of it pls?

We have requested an update from the payments team, but nothing back as of yet unfortunately.

Ok, well please update me as soon as you have heard please. I just want to know what’s going and taking so long for my funds to be credited. It will be 7 days tomorrow for a transaction that was fully confirmed in 6 minutes. Thanks.

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We will surely let you know once resolved.

I had the same issue today. The customer service rep in messenger said it may take a few hours and just keep checking my account. That was a few hours ago. I just got on the forum to see if anyone else had been having this issue with ETH as well, and it looks like that’s a yes. Although it’s in process, any help would be great.

Your deposit was escalated by Cs to the relevant team for further assitance.

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Im having the same issue . Deposited over 12 hours ago still no money in my account . Messenger said two hours as well. This is unacceptable

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Ok same here I am a diamond member and it has been four days. Confirmed transaction. Clearly the finance team has had more than enough time to “review” the transaction. There is no review it’s clear it was confirmed. Ignition encourages us to deposit via crypto for convenience and security and now I’m missing this deposit. Someone needs to talk to the team and get these cleared up. Does the finance team only work one hour a week? Ignition will lose me as a customer if this is not resolved asap.

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Same, I will not be depositing again unless this is cleared up quickly with bonus.

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I spent several hours being given the absolute worst customer service today over this exact issue. Deposited 3 days ago, never credited. Was on a livechat for almost an hour when the agent, who was clearly not trying to help, ended the session. Called the Cs number and spent 48 minutes being disrespected by the CS rep. I have had this issue so many times in the past 60 days its crazy. I was sent this on the 5th of this month.

Ethereum Deposits
Dec 5, 2023
Hi Chase,

We’re contacting you regards your recent deposits made via Ethereum.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you faced when making deposits via Ethereum. Rest assured, we are actively addressing the issue and working to ensure a smoother experience for you in the future.

As a gesture of appreciation for being a valued player, we have issued a Cash Bonus of amount $25 with rollover 35xCasino to your account.

We wish you best of luck and happy playing!

Warm Regards,

Ignition Casino Customer Service


Just out of curiosity how long did it take the finance teams to “review” the transactions before when there were errors? And did they finally credit your deposit? I love when they give us “free play” with a 35x rollover which is impossible to clear. It’s a slap in the face. I really like the games here and the speed for cash outs but the customer service is appalling.

My deposit was credited over a week after being initially sent. Initially i was told 24 hrs max for it to be resolved. 24 hrs in they changed it to 24-48 hrs more. I waited until that timeframe was up, and there was still no resolution. I have a pretty decent sized following on twitter and i finally told them I was gonna escalate shit myself if they didnt get a move on it. I am here for two things- reels and wheels XL, and withdrawals that are processed in under an hour. Nothing else

$25 dollars with rollover when you feel like your money is being stolen. Unreal

No mods are in here helping. Again poor customer service.

Let us know if this is still an issue guys and will be checked.

“As a gesture of appreciation we’ve added a $25 bonus to your account with a 35x rollover”.

Wow. :joy: What a joke. Just another slap in the face. The chances of you wagering $875 off of $25 are slim and none. I’m sure you feel so appreciated.

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