Feeling unappreciated

I’m beginning to feel unappreciated. Appreciate it. I’m a long time customer and have spent It’s a lot of money with you all. I don’t mind losing when I play but I do expect a expect a fair chance. But I understand technical issues happen sometimes.

However, you all used to be very good with taking care of your players and especially with the regular bonuses bonuses and rewards. But right about the time I reached the status where my bonuses and rewards were due to escalate and I even started making larger deposits, that’s the time when I started experiencing disconnections and freezes with the games.

I always use Chrome and restart my phand restart my device and router and clear my cache and cookies before playing… But when I’ve played larger games for me like $50 it’s like $50 sit and goes and and $30 triple UPS,Those are when I’ve experienced some of the most frustrating issues. And when I contacted the support I was credited at things like a 2 it’s like a $2 sittin go or $7 sittin go as compensation for a $50 herniment?

I would talk to one representative who said they didn’t see any disconnections, and then immediately talk to another representative and they would somehow see the 4 disconnections but then only credit me a small ticket take it. I’m very hesitant to deposit large amounts of money anymore as I feel like you all don’t value your customers anymore.I want to keep playing with you all but I just want you all to make it right.Will someone please show me that I’m still Appreciatedt?

Support is refusing to offer any kind of credits or No deposit bonusesAnd I don’t expect a large bonus but on this but something would be appreciated be appreciated and make me feel like I’m valued Given the large amount of money that these issues have cost me over the past month.

Thanks for your help

I am sorry to hear of your recent issues, but some of the information here does not seem accurate on review.

Can you please provide some more details here such as the actual tournament reference numbers of the tournaments you had disconnections in or the names of the tournaments and the dates this happened? You can PM this HERE or post them below. On our review it does seem that you’ve already been provided compensation for these tournament issues, and the tickets that were provided afterwards were simply additional bonuses.

Further, in regards to bonuses this isn’t something that is provided publicly over the Forum and is at the discretion of the promotions team.

However, we do see on our end that just this week you’ve already received an additional bonus as well as the poker tickets mentioned above, so this is likely why customer service has been unable to provide anything else.

That being said we’ll gladly look into the disconnections once more information is provided.

Look around the last time that i made larger deposits. I don’t have alot ofthose details

But for example, attached is one such issue i had. I was playing two tournaments. Was disconnected from both and immediately took a screenshot afterwards. Support said they only saw ONE disconnection when i was clearly disconnected from both at the same time, and it wasn’t on my end because I had no other network issues at that time. I wasn’t fairly compensated

One of your messages disappeared

I removed it as I’ve found the details I was asking you for.

Note that on review, this tournament happened on September 30th and is tournament reference 44989303. The tournament was for $5 + $0.25, and you were provided a ticket refund of this exact amount on October 1st at 1:30p ET for this tournament.

And now that I think about it, despite the screenshot clearly showing me playing two games, the rep said his system only showed me playing one game at that time

Further, I have reviewed any tournaments that were played at the same time as that tournament and don’t see any disconnections for any of them. This includes reference numbers 44989104, 44989137, 44989688, 44989834.

Also, the tournaments around these were all either $7, or $2 jackpot sit and go’s, which as I’ve stated above since then you have received 2 $7 jackpot sit and go tickets as compensation for these general issues. This would entail that even if there were disconnections you were provided a refund for them.

Can you please provide the details of the $50 tournament you stated you were having issues with as I don’t see this on my end?

That is exactly what i mean, i was absolutely disconnected from both at the same time but of course you all only see one.

Again, you have received 2 other ticket reimbursements since then so this would negate the tournament issues even if we don’t see a disconnection. That being said, we can track the gameplay happening in these tournaments, and in all of them you were able to provide action on your end.

This is frustrating. I really don’t want our relationship to feel like i need to be a lawyer. I dont keep those kind of records and details. I just want to play and have fun, not feel like I need to constantly cover my back or document EVERYTHING

And yes, sometimes I can provide action after our reconnect and have lost plenty of chips in the meantime. That’s justhat’s just not fair And like I said I don’t mind losing but I just want a fair chance

I’m sure people spend more money than I do, a lot more. But I just want the couple of 1000 that I spend to be appreciated and to be taken care of just like the next guy… Not to have to be a lawyer or Feel this antagonistic relationship I can talk to one representative who says they see no disconnections, and the very next representative can somehow miraculously find the disconnections I can talk to one representative who says they see no disconnections, and the very next representative can somehow miraculously find the disconnections

I certainly apologize if you feel this way, but ultimately as moderators one of our main jobs is to ensure that information provided publicly on the Forum is accurate. We of course always strive to help players as well, but in this case the information provided doesn’t seem to follow anything that we’re seeing.

You had a disconnection in the tournament you provided above and were provided a refund. You claim there was another disconnection and while we don’t see it and apologize if this happened, you were then provided 2 jackpot sit and go tickets as refunds for general issues in the last week which would also compensate for those.

You’ve also been provided an additional bonus on our end in regards to bonus issues, and we do not see on our end the disconnections you’re claiming you’ve had.

What we would advise going forward, is to perhaps try another device or use the client software as this does tend to have less issues. Also, as phone data and Wifi can have intermittent connection issues usually using an actual PC will have less issues as well. Of course we also always state to clear any cache or cookies before playing and make sure you use chrome, and we’ll always be happy to look into what we can do for disconnections that are seen on our end as generally they are very clear and easy to find.

The recent jackpot tickets were for recent issues. Also I don’t think it’s fair to reward a super quick jackpot ticket for an issue that I had with a hyperterbole or a triple up. You can see from my screenshot that I took that I was playing 2 tournaments at that time period I was only rewarded one ticket for that particular Technical issue. And now you’re claiming that recent credits were for that past issue which they weren’t.

I’m not even gonna go through all the other prior issues that I had that weren’t compensated. All I ask is for one ticket and you are making me feel like this

The ticket that was provided for the hyper tournament was an any $5 + $0.25 ticket. It wasn’t a jackpot sit and go ticket.

The other tickets provided to you were for general issues from what I’m seeing, and again there are no disconnections for us to provide a refund for on September 30th other than 44989303 that we see. I was merely making the note that even if there was a disconnection you’ve had tickets provided for these issues that were the same value as the tournaments you were playing at that time. And again this doesn’t count the additional bonus that was provided early last week.

Your original statement was the following:

This does not seem to be true, and if it is the case again please provide the $50 tournament that you were disconnected from and we’ll gladly look into this.

The account dashboard is not the most user friendly for looking up this kind of information. You should be able to clearly see the $50 tournaments that I’ve Played over the past month. I’m getting frustrated just trying to search through the account dashboard and poker transactions. This is the type of underappreciation that I was referencing. Being treated like I’m a criminal or like I did something wrong When I know what I experienced.

1st you said I was compensated for the one tournament that I had this connection then. Then I reminded you that the screenshot clearly shows I was playing 2 tournaments and you reference recent credits as compensation for that issue that happened 2 weeks ago. When you can also see and you verify that I was only issued one credit Even though the screenshot clearly shows I was playing 2 tournaments when I was disconnected. Then instead of just crediting me for it’s crediting me for something, comma even something small for the other tournament that I was disconnected from with with reference to the screenshot that I showed you Then instead of just crediting me for it’s crediting me for something, comma even something small for the other tournament that I was disconnected from with with reference to the screenshot that I showed you You just brush me off

We won’t be able to review this large an amount of gameplay and would need more specific dates and a specific issue to look into from your end unfortunately. In reviewing your account over the last month, we do see multiple issues brought up from your end and of course apologize for these, but in almost all cases you were compensated or provided a ticket for them.

As stated we do not see any tournaments on our end that show disconnections that weren’t already compensated, and don’t see any $50 tournament that had issues recently. if you do have a specific tournament you want us to look into, in the future I would recommend bringing this to our attention immediately so we can ensure to take a look right away.