Giving Back a Little

Hey Forum Friends!

As you may know I recently hit a LARGE jackpot on 777 Deluxe. So wanted to give a little back today.

First five (5) people to respond to this thread with their favorite college football team will get a $100 player transfer from me with no strings attached.

Once five (5) people respond I’ll announce winners and confirm once funds are sent.

Thanks and good luck to all!
Postal Joe


Mizzou Tigers!!!
Alma mater
Been a bit rough since we joined the SEC though lol

Thanks!, good karma on you

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@The_Batman is our first winner!

SEC is a tough conference no doubt.

$100 on its way sir.

Received. Thanks friend!

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Wow where is everyone? Do I get all 5 if no one else responds hahaha

I know right! Thought this would go super quick.

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Congrats again that’s great on that JP! Glad to see something big happen for a forum member



@moderators getting an error message that @Ben_123 is not eligible to receive player transfers at this time. Please advise.

It’s getting checked on never had a problem before thanks

No worries you winner #2 and have a $100 player transfer coming your way once resolved.

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Thanks it is now I have been told


UGA! :grimacing: Let’s go Dawgs! Thanks for doing this, seriously awesome of you! Or am I too late? (We’re the The official Kings of heartbreak in the south so, just checking lol)

@RundieMC you are winner #3. $100 coming your way now!

Lots of SEC fans here. I’m a PAC-12 guy myself. Go Ducks!

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@moderators getting error messages that @Rundiemc cannot receive transfers at this time. Please advise

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Much respect for the ducks! Definitely my fav team in that division. (Big Boi from Outkast’s son plays up there I believe) Man this is so exciting. I’ve done one of these as well and it’s such a good thing for everyone. Thank you again dude. So much gratitude. :pray:

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This is some quality stuff right here. While I will leave space open for someone who may be less fortunate I did want to pop in and say your generosity and willingness to give back to the community is admirable and says a lot about your character. Cheers friend and enjoy that life changing win!!!


UW Huskies! Went to school there and still follow them.
Congratulations @PostalJoe on the life changing win. It is awesome to see big wins like this. Hope you enjoy the winnings and have fun.