Has anyone ever seen a jackpot?

Yup … you are reading that correctly ! I was playing on $1.50

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Holy crap. If I ever hit something that crazy I’d throw my phone and laptop off a cliff so I kept it lol. Congrats



Just transfer ya $100 via player transfer !


Wow congratulations!!! It is always awesome to see a winner every so often. Get some nice things for yourself. CONGRATULATIONS!

Wow really?

Holy cow just checked my account and you were serious , thank you! good karma always comes around and you sure had some built up ! I promise to pay it forward if I hit it big lol. Wish me luck😎


Damn! Thats awesome @Jenndoe! Congrats! I love that 10 times vegas game, I would be so stoked to hit any size jackpot on that game, lol, but yours is life changing! Enjoy it!

@Jenndoe Yeah, that’s such a ridiculous hit for $1.50, didn’t think it was possible. I’ve retired from slots many times already, seeing this make me wanna un-retire for the 10th time. So sick, congrats on the life changing money, spend it wisely.


Right ? Just sent ya $100 to play with :wink:


Right ?! Well I just transferred ya 100 if you wanna play it for me or play whateves you want :wink:


Wow! @Jenndoe You’re awesome! If I win big I will be doing the same thing :wink: Thank you!

Well done @Jenndoe! I hope to be as lucky one day…

Wow!! Omg it is possible!!! Lol. Congratulations!! I would’ve loved to seen your reaction when that hit. Lol. I think I would pass out from excitement :joy:

Congratulations on your big win

@Jenndoe I appreciate you doing that… unfortunately just cost myself $600+ just now, I will be retiring again. I have to stick to poker for now try to win big the hard way. Congrats again.

Nice hit @Jenndoe I’d be hopping the nearest train to withdrawal town.

@Jenndoe congratulations on your win. Never had any luck lately. Would take a win 1/10 of what you got

Will i ever hit a jackpot

@Jenndoe i just wanted to say you are amazing. To pay it forward like that and be so generous. i wish all humans were like you. I hope you continue to have tremendous luck and blessings.