HS cheating discovered, security dept on point (refunds)

So I’m a long time bovada/ignition reg and i play mostly 10/20 6max nlh with some 5/10 mixed in. Some people can probably figure out who I am. TL;DR- I recently reported a player or group of players colluding in these games and was actually rewarded with a nice refund for my troubles yesterday.

I began to notice some funny business in the games around the start of the year (it probably traces back into 2021 as well, tbh), and had enough evidence to fire off an email to security back in February. I did not receive any refund at the time, but I was ok with that because 1) the group of accounts who were cheating in the games disappeared literally overnight, and 2) I prefer refunds go to losing players if hard choices need to be made.

This group of accounts showed back up last month, and I discovered/reported them again in similar fashion. Once again, I had not received a refund but the accounts disappeared from the games once again in short order.

I’m making this post/thread for a couple reasons- the first one being to announce that I’m not going anywhere and I haven’t been doing this for a living for 15 years because I’m scared to go to war. the second reason being to put the word out that the security department here is robust and competent, so if anybody wants to try and mess around, you best know you’re on borrowed time from the moment you make that second account.

Another thing to take note of- the guys who claim to play these stakes and post regularly in the IGN thread on 2+2 would likely be barking up a tree already in there if they had received any refunds, and none of them have said a word. Makes you wonder a bit, no?



Thanks for your diligence on this…could you elaborate just a bit more on the “type” of cheating you have discovered? Collusion, Multi accounting, use of RTA etc. I see things at the lower stakes but with the anonymous player enviroment I cannot tell if what I am seeing is the same players or not. Regardless, the poker community owes you a big THANKS. (also, congrats on the “security refund”… that is one hella nice reimbursement to puff up your bankroll)

ooops, I read your post again and seen where you said “collusion” was the alledged form of cheating you discovered. My apologies for being a knucklehead…Thanks again.
Brian (Mapex66)

I have to be honest I expected this for so long and mostly thought that the site has been cheating me like they have a group of workers designated to this type of activity. However at the same time I have no way to prove any activity weather it a group of scammers or inside job. So I started playing slots more however Worst part of my experience is playing the 777 slots is I was up to roughly 13000 when the site glitched and disappeared I was directed back to google after loading up again and logging in my money was gone and freaked me out. After reporting the issue and having no resolution to my funds back in my account I was devastated…
There has to be a better way to trace this activity for players and for representative to pinpoint the issue.
At the end of the day my money was lost and my experience has increased my attention to detail to looking for this happening again and has takin away from my enjoyment of just playing and having fun.

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Disconnecting from the site and having to log back in shouldn’t affect your balance.
If you clearly had a $13,000 balance displayed before the “glitch” they are able to see this and should be able to credit your account accordingly. I don’t always agree with Ignitions practices, policies, decisions and such, but outright stealing from players accounts hasn’t been an issue since I have played here. Not saying it couldn’t happen but that would be instant suicide for the site if proven without a doubt. Are there other factors or details we don’t know about?
The Mods should help you get the ball rolling on this if you message them. Hope it all works out for you.

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@BIGMOUTH_GREG please let me know if this happens in the future.

sidenote, what are your thoughts about not one, but two players to your left sitting out at the same time you sit out? this is a frequent occurrence. it already seems odd how often one player to my left sits out when I do, but two?

thank you and take care.

i dont want to say too much about the hallmarks of this behavior/collusion, because the player(s) in question are actually decent at poker and capable of disguising their behavior in a couple different ways with the superficial game dynamic that they set up at the table. but in general, nah, players sitting out isn’t much of a concern.

games are mostly built around only 1 or 2 action players at the table anyway, so it’s a fairly common thing that games break from people sitting out around the same time. im not implying that you’re a fish or whatever- if there’s one big punter at the table and he leaves, most of the guys and girls sitting there (including you) are gonna click the ‘sit out next bb’ option within an orbit or two. for example if you and the players on your left all had that box checked, then you all snap sit out at the same time. i remember it being a more common thing at lower stakes too that some people just don’t like playing 3 and 4 handed at the table, so one or two players sitting out can have a cascading effect on the others, usually causing the game to break.

the bottom line though is that you should always sit out and leave the table if you feel like something is amiss. it may feel lame or paranoid but it’s the best way to protect yourself and there’s almost always other games to be found.

this collusion i mentioned in the OP is imo a pretty isolated thing and i know guys who have great results playing lower stakes games where the action is lit. my results are still good as well, so my intention isn’t for people to get too alarmed here, i was mostly probing for a response from my supposed peers in the high stakes games, basically all of whom look a little bit more suspect now in light of all this silence (i have one friend who was also refunded a larger amount than i was)

keep this thread in mind the next time you see a coaching advertisement online from a guy or group of guys claiming to be crushing high stakes on this site.

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The problem in this situation is for players who are unable to spot such activity and collusion can be tricky to spot let alone prove. Sure ignition acted on the information you provided and I give them credit for that but with the anonymous design this is bound to continue in one form or another.

Haha he’ll yeah
Nice job my friend.

My dude! I received a refund of about the same amount. Thanks for staying on it. Any chance you are in Vegas for WSOP? I owe you a drink!

I won a poker tournament,I request a withdrawal of $3000 dollars they have locked me out of my account .and starting to wipe out all the money in the account! That is ignition casino in a nutshell. spread the word around this site is crooked as Hell

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the site isn’t crooked and they didn’t steal any money out of your account, this isn’t the thread for that sort of nonsense

ugh, i accidentally deleted the last post i made

customer service department has a 72 hour expected timeframe for response and it took them about 48 hours to reply to my last message. i just sent off another smoking gun example of collusion to them, but i feel like this issue is too urgent to sit around waiting a couple days on.

is it possible for a moderator here to send me a private message or show me how to send private messages in order to assist me in expediting this matter over to the security department?


I will PM

Hey Greg, I actually went through the same situation you did, only I play PLO instead of NLH. I was actually credited a decent amount more than you. That was back in late April. Since the credit I really hadn’t played much until about a week ago, and ever since I’ve played again I’ve notice the same VERY suspicious behavior specifically at 2/5 and 5/10 games. I just emailed Ignition again regarding this, but I was also wondering if you wouldn’t mind me emailing you as well just to get your perspective given you’ve been through it as well?

This is interesting, I’m relatively new here but experienced from elsewhere and was doing fine for months and then the last month or so got hit hard. Small stakes, .50/1 or 1/2 NLH, but very strange hand occurrences and sometimes I sensed of strange game play. The idea of leaving the games occurred to me from odd behavior but I kept telling myself it was pretty unlikely. This makes it clear there very well could have been abuse! Mods or security, what can you see? Thanks for the post!

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Wait a minute…

You reported an issue that was proven or otherwise deemed to be true, and you were refunded THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY???

@Davy @William @Foster I can’t get my account refunded the $ that support has acknowledged I was D/C’d for on Live Dealer, but reporting collusion gets paid out in 5 figures?


(BTW @BIGMOUTH_GREG glad to see they did you right as they should, thank you for posting!)

You were disconnected, but the live dealer escalation actually gave us word back that this was an isolated issue and that you were able to take action in a few of these hands. It wasn’t proven that this was an issue on our side. This also isn’t really related to the OP.

He was only able to take action in a few of the hands but there isn’t any disconnection fault on ignition? So we all know it was an issue on your side but since he can’t “prove “ it you’re just gonna screw him over

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Almost like how you tried to screw me over on that incorrect goblins gold payout a few weeks back until I provided proof beyond doubt that it was incorrect. Where did you pull that image of the “actual spin as it was logged” when you tried to pass that off as a display error by the way? Since in the end it was settled there was no display error.