Keep your customers in the game longer or they will fade away

This place is really disappointing me lately

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They are treating us so poorly since two weeks: delay in processing the withdrawal, delay in giving the crypto exclusive perks, this is barely acceptable. They are going to lose a lot of customers if they do not improve, for sure…


I am sure they already did Coin4. People are starting to demand customer satisfaction because so many businesses have lost sight ever since the pandemic started. Those who pay attention will strive and those who ignore will sink.


It’s probably because Bitcoin is surging so they are taking it out on us … but it will go back up eventually …

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Same I felt like I wrote this comment that’s like exactly my situation , small deposits but still I have never withdrawn any funds so I don’t see what giving me some free play will do , I’m never gonna get enough to want to cash out here

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Where’s the owner of this ish tell him to kick down some funds …I know he’s gotta be sitting back pretty comfortably right about now …

Allo, is there any support here?

Hi everyone,

We’re sorry to hear about your experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a PM

Definitely agree with this thread title… But unfortunately if we continue to show patterns of depositing whether our last deposit lasted five minutes or five hours… well I’m sure that makes it easier for them to not keep us in the game as long. But as they’ll continue to promise you they have no control of how long or the outcome of any of the games.

With that being said I most certainly feel like this whole year compared to last and the year before has been absolutely brutal At least for the casino side I can’t speak for anything else. I’m sure everybody hears all of us casino players bitching but prior to this year I most certainly could make a deposit last a lot longer compared to this year this time around. :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Anyone get theirs yet?

Lol wooo $1.30 on mystic elements 25 free spins to the most boring game on the site . Same exact game I got 25 spins to last time too

I hate this casino , I’m done , got my free stuff lost all quick , got me for two more deposits since that , this place is a scam ,

You have an RTP of around 88% over the last month. We also post weekly winners of progressive jackpots; we can assure you there is no scam.

88% RTP for a month is absolutely horrible :joy:

Right and considering I do much better if I stay on poker only ,so that’s even worse … it’s funny how they blatantly say how bad they are screwing us . Like they are saying 88% is a lot lol I feel bad for the rest of you poor bastards if my 88% RTP is the higher end of the spectrum lmao

You let ppl win but only after you let them lose so much … it’s unregulated there’s no way anyone can do anything k so y’all are free to do is as dirty as you want … i could imagine how I’d be treated if I were to ever actually withdraw , if this is how bad it is for someone that only deposits , multiple times daily sometimes

Hi @Thomper114,

We’re sorry to hear you feel this way, however, the statement you provided is not accurate. You can read more about the Terms of use here and find info about our License here

I play Cleo a lot. I used to catch rolls and build
A nice little stack up. Lately Cleo will smile, flash her tits, and snatch $200 from me In a mere 60
Minutes. Ever since that “update” shit has not been the same. It’s high time to find somewhere else. Or at least a site that’s structured in the US so at least there is some regulation. These folks are taking it hand over fist then telling you it’s all at random. Give me a break.

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What will happen is a better casino /poker site will pop up and will take advantage of your mistakes and you will become the unpopular choice soon if you guys don’t stop being so greedy.

And I don’t care what is said , I’ve played plenty of poker in real life and various online poker sites , none of them have had the amount of bad beats and in the patterns that are unreal like the ones I am consistently experiencing here . There’s no way it’s completely random . These hands are loaded for action and when I see AA on average lose more than It wins , something ain’t right