Lately I’m Not Feeling It

Over the last year or so, I’ve disregarded many posts about persistent poor wins on here. I have had decent luck, and do not believe the games to be rigged. That being said, I’ve recently spent over two months in a location with a physical casino, and can compare the ups and downs between here and there.

I’m on a ridiculous cold streak here, and am feeling frustrated. Deposit, play straight to zero, wash/rinse/repeat. Generally, after a while of lows, I’ll hit a run of highs, but that’s not the case lately. I think I’m done with online slots, it’s not fun to lose, and lose quickly. Good luck to everyone.


We’re sorry to hear about your experience and we wish you the best of luck going forward.

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Funny you should say that because that’s exactly what I feel and probably from what I’m reading just about everybody else in the forum. It’s way worse for me at Bovada but in general up to about December it’s been if I lose I end up winning but ever since January 1 of this year I haven’t won a penny And I’ve lost more than I’ve ever lost in my entire life in these last four months


I feel your pain, I posted in here about how when you are hitting there software is designed to kick you off. Even got them to admit it here’s a copy of that proof
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Yes, but we routinely check and make sure games are running as expected. We have many players playing with many different factors at play between devices, ISP’s, etc.) I said in that post I would not play here again, and I haven’t till yesterday! I made like 4 or 5 deposits straight to Zero, I made couple more today I finally got on a role turned around a 70% profit and then they hit me with the robot check that Boots you out go back in and BS NOT THE SAME WAY CAN’T HIT CRAP 70% profit gone all of it with our a single hit. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THE DAMN PLANET ALWAYS TRY TO FIND A WAY TO SCREW YOU OUT YOUR FUNDS START OUT WITH THERE STALLING TRY TO GET YOU OUT OF CHAT AND IF THAT DOESN’T WORK THEY WILL TRY TO FIND SOME BS TO MAKE IT LIKE ITS YOUR FAULT YOU CAN HAVE THIS PLACE


Same here. There’s cold streaks and then there’s just throwing money away. Even the bonuses go quick and usually right before I’m eligible to withdraw.

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Same, it’s frustrating. Best of luck to you, friend.

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Your not alone it’s a bunch of shit I’ve never in my life went thru deposits so quickly then they want to say your not eligible for a no deposit bonus after 1000z of dollars spent w them… so i asked surely the no dep bonus given because of your 3 day shut Down count they say no but it must because I havnt been. Eligible to receive one sense and should be! That was there screw up not mine… I think I’ve made my last deposit with

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Here’s a fun one after losing about 3k this week. I have $150 balance playing riches in the rough. I was only betting $3 but that’s not the point. I got three free spins features within the first 70 spins. These were the total payouts of each free spins feature. 3.00, 1.20, and $0. I played roughly another 170 spins are so without hitting the free spins again. Fun stuff. The more this goes on the more duped & stupider I feel.


It’s been an absolute joke lately. I already closed one sister site casino down, very very close to doing the same. It’s clearly a massive scam with controlled timing on when the games will payout. Absolutely nothing random about when games pay out.

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We can assure you that this isn’t any scam and people do win and cashout everyday. We’ve also posted progressive jackpot winners weekly with us

Having said, the majority lose.

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Guys it’s this simple. Both bovada and ignition both claim to payout an approximate 98% rtp “return to player” on almost all of their games. Meaning for every $100 you play they will win $2 you will lose $2 on average. I can guarantee you that there is not a person on these message boards to where out of the last 20 games they have played they have gotten an rtp of 98 or above on 5 of their last 20 games played but I can guarantee you there are many of us who can show 15 games of our last 20 ending in sub 80 rtp’s and 19 of 20 games being below 98%. I would love for everyone to post just their last 10 games rtp and that way we can determine the real truth. I will be very very surprised if the average rtp of everyone that submits is above 77% for their last 10 games.

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These are my latest 10:
72, 88, 105, 39, 81, 95, 81, 75, 75, 28.

73.9 avg

I can’t remember how to view my RTP. Can someone remind me?

Ok, I got it. Just had to do the math. Excluding stakes less than $30 on a game session, here’s my RTP on the last several sessions.

33, 44, 67, 53, 60, 86, 51, 48, 46

I had more 80-90% on sessions with lower time played, like betting $0.09/spin on Ten Times Vegas for a total stake of $15 before I had to logout. The numbers above were all for total staked bets in the hundreds of total dollars. Here’s my 30 day totals as reinforcement of all this.

Yeah just go to transactions and then tap casino also choose how many days you want to look at “24 hrs, 3 days, 31 days” and look at each game individually. DO NOT just use the money in money out for all games combined for your total as it will be not be correct.

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Yeah I agree with you not to add small stakes or low amount of spins into your figure. Wow yours are much lower than mine. Mine are probably a little bit higher than what I’m used to seeing but you had some really low rtp’s

54.2 average is not anywhere near 98 that’s for certain but I’m sure they will be here soon to justify the numbers. Lol I’m not their biggest fan when I bring up the ol rtp and I’m not trying to just stir stuff up this is just ridiculous. I don’t mind losing but losing immediately after you deposit isn’t even fun.

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I didn’t manipulate anything, most of the RTPs I included were sessions staking $500 or more. I’m happy to give full details if preferred, but these numbers are just awful. Talk about feeling burnt.