Site Stability Updates - 2

Hi everyone,

For the past few weeks, we have been experiencing website stability issues; we are here to confirm that these issues have been the result of repeated, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

When they occur, these attacks generally restrict some player’s access by flooding our site with traffic. While they have been rightfully causing frustration to our players, these attacks DO NOT put any of your account information or funds at risk.

Assaults of this nature are not unique to our industry, often carried out by cybercriminals, competitors and other bad actors who may request ransom, want to further their cause, or are simply out to settle a grudge.

While we have faced these challenges since the inception of our business and successfully mitigated the majority without disruption to our players, the sophistication of these recent attacks has presented new challenges. Norton has gone as far as to document the evolution of Dos attacks,

We will continue to mitigate the impact of these attacks to ensure minimal to no disruption and will keep our players posted with new information as it becomes available here.

We will be actively monitoring the situation over the weekend and remain committed to compensating players affected by these issues once we are confident further interruptions are prevented.

Please keep in mind, that our Customer Service teams do not have any additional information on the stability of the site.

Thank you for continuing to put your trust in us, knowing your funds are always secure, and that we will always defend against these malicious attacks to prevent further disruption to the world-class experience you expect when playing with us.


Thank you for this. :heart:

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This was one of my suspected theories, either this or it was a cash grab before going out of business.

So my question now is, why did this happen? It started only weeks after a temporary license was issued for all Curaçao E Gaming websites. Is this something related to licensing or threat of taking business elsewhere other than Curaçao?

Does this have to do with Gumball 3000? Or the recent mainstream marketing campaigns for Ignition? Is someone not getting their kick back?

I’m sure these questions won’t get answered, but had to try.

What does this mean for compensation? When is it coming?

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We should have a more detailed timeframe on compensation after the weekend once everythig goes well


The DDos attacks make sense as to the login, lagging, etc. I don’t understand it enough to know how the games can just stop paying out right before an attack as have happened to me multiple times. The payout of casino games is 100% related to this issue.

Given the DDos attack information and my transaction/gaming log is gone from 5/22 prior leads me to believe my account was personally used as a device bot in this whole thing… since 5/22 I’ve deposited 714.94 and I’d like it all back please.


To clarify and explain further, the DDoS would have zero impact on the payout of the games. All the DDoS does is james the traffic on the site which in turn causes the site to not be accessible but again it would have zero impact on the win/loss of a spin. In fact your RTP from the 22nd to present is about 98% which would clearly show no issue with any of the play and payout percentage


Thank you for the update. I’ve trusted you for years - not going to stop now. :slight_smile:

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I assume after the weekend means between monday and never? We were also told we would have an update 2 weeks ago. I trust all of your sites but this whole ordeal has compromised that trust going forward, I assume many others are feeling the same way. It has been handled very poorly!

If another site existed with the same format, the good reputation you once had, and was not part of your group you wouldn’t see me deposit again. Unfortunately that is not currently the case but its right around the corner!


Sorry, I’m not buying this. Ignition group of sister sites faces issues that no other sites do when they’re going thru issues. Ignition has issues with software that they still haven’t fixed. Ignition has had issues with Jackpot Sit and Go’s either not connecting to the game, or timing out mid game, or completely lagging up if playing on mobile with other tournaments active. Meanwhile, you can run 4 tournaments on mobile and have absolutely no issues. (2-4 year history of this)

No, not buying DDoS theory as anything more than a scapegoat.


So after being affected by these constant attacks and outages, there is still no conversation or action about compensation… If this problem is ongoing and will need constant attention, does that mean there will never be any compensation??? ODD wording in these very late updates.


@SoloAsylum What you’re referencing are individual connections issues usually highlighted by ones network strength when playing. The attacks themselves affecting many more then just isolated connection issues is different.

@acb029 “We will be actively monitoring the situation over the weekend and remain committed to compensating players affected by these issues once we are confident further interruptions are prevented.”


Always dealt with the occasional bug or glitch but I’ve been seriously looking into alternative websites because ignition is really going down the shitter… I’ll let the forum know if I find a solid one.


So now we just wait an unspecified amount of time for you guys gain the “confidence” to fight cyber attacks… lol very cool updates coming out of ignition now…

I get it’ll be looked into after the weekend… but that is sort of the issue also… its been nearly a month !!!
Seems like an easy way for you guys not to properly compensate all the loses caused by Ignitions ongoing shortcomings.

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Still can’t load the software on the first or second try, intermittently, even on a re-downloaded new install. DDoS don’t cause this issue.

Hand Histories during actively played tournaments still “can’t reach the server” after over a year. DDoS don’t cause this issue.

And no Sir, I’ve been geographically in 3 different places over the last 3 years, I’ve used multiple different devices of more-than-average capabilities, that all had the same issues no matter what browser, what network wifi or 4g/5g… No.


Absolutely wrong. I’ll audit my own play… oh wait… I can’t audit the month of May because my history is gone from the 22nd prior and have $1600’in deposits for May…? Please explain why I can’t see my gaming history??


@acb029 not unspecified as we are awaiting throughout the weekend. If everything goes well then we should have more concrete compensation details then

@Cassieb04 You can go back 31 days in your transactions tab

This site and forum is a roaring dumpster fire …

This is what I see. I’ve been on chat to question and can’t get an answer just the same ol, clear catche and reset. I’ve done that many times, still no history.

Oh and my bad I have more than 2300 on deposits for May.

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