Thursday $2500 Freeroll not working April 13 2023

You can tell by now man its crystal clear what’s going on since the delay of the hands are consistent in timing.

Been staring at 10/Q for quite a while now lol. Totally expect it to start working, flop a full boat, and lose to a straight flush. Runner runner.

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You are on a table with other people calling… My table has no one here… i just raise everyone folds… and there is 30 second delay to end the hand and about 30 second to 1 minute for the next hand.

I just realize how the levels are setup. We are three hours in and just finished 10/20??? lmao its going up to 20/40 in 3 hrs.

Nope the level is still 10/20

The blinds are not moving… ignition need to look in to their system why the blinds are still at 10/20 after 3 hrs.

I now agree with you lol

player 2757 comes on line after 3 hours later wth

look at my table the entire table except me signed up last minute and no one is on

now signs off

I am monitoring this and its weird how the blinds went up to 20/40 after 2757 came on and off.

@moderators, will the game finish out until the end? I am currently 84th with 3,590 after almost four hours and that’d typical put me in the money for a few to several dollars for my time!!! I just saved a screenshot of the table and the tournament lobby for reference.

i guess they dont want me to so i lose lol

the dude comes on after 3 hrs… wth

player 2763 comes on 7 hours after…

I conclude there are bots presence like 2755,2761, 2762, 2758 is on auto check fold 2763 is currently on playing.

This is fking ridiculous… Ignition if you are not seeing this… You need to fire your entire IT department. or you know about this letting it happened. This is serious security risk. Who will play on your platform with this?

The update will be provided HERE. This thread will be closed now.