Weekly $2500 Freeroll Poker Tournament Update - April 13th, 2023

Hi all,

We’re truly sorry for the difficulty experienced while trying to access this week’s $2500 Freeroll tournament.

Our team is making all efforts to resolve this as soon as possible and we are monitoring the situation for updates.

We will provide further details once received. Thank you for your continued patience.


How’s that “Update” coming


Any news or update. The problem has only existed for 5 hours now. At this rate the tournament will take approx 200 hours to complete

@moderators . ANYTHING???

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We’re still waiting for the updates. This is being looked into by the tech team.

I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m basically “pot committed” after knocking out people in the first hour to stick with it. Only hope I see is if the inactive people start getting knocked out it might speed up some.

they have been “looking in to it” for over 6 hours

@moderators . Can you please advise Ignitions plan of attack here. With blinds not going up, there will be issues where a table has no active players never blinding out. Therefor the tournament will never end

There’s hardly been anybody kicked out after 7 hours. I If something doesn’t change it’s gonna be a 2 day tournament


The freeroll is one of the last remaining perks here. This is BS

So… whats everyone at ? lulz

you seem to be riding this out with me what place are you?

This is crazy

its crazy that were still here. least theres good table talk here

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I’m in top 10

nice im a few short of

Chop at final table anyone>?

Hey folks, can you please clarify if there are some “Stuck/frozen” tables? Would appreciate the screenshots if possible.

mine is just 1 hour blind levels and 2 minute hands

Its so bad

@Manntar do you have the table number by chance?