Thursday $2500 Freeroll not working April 13 2023

At this rate we are looking at a 2 day event lol


Just think about it… why does this happen with freeroll only? just a thought

In times like these its best to refer to ignitions own statements…

“Ignition isn’t interested in clogging up your game with high-res graphics or lagging loading screens. Here, tables load fast and fluidly with clear icons, player indicators and buttons so players can focus on poker without distractions.”

It could be timing too… the person responsible will know exact time when it will hit zero and come online… by that time everyone is offline. it’s an automatic win.

I don’t think ignition has the control over this… Its from outside slowing the system down and typically happens when someone has multiple logins from a single place holding up all latency. ignition is waiting on that system to respond.

Hi guys, we can imagine this would be concerning and our team is working to get this sorted as swiftly as possible. We’ll be periodically checking for updates on the situation and will share any news here.

Omg, How Frustrating

Hey guys just clear your cache! Chat told me the steps how to fix all of this 2 seconds ago! Ill post the directions for everyone to see! Lmao!

Why is it that nobody can play this freeroll but yet i tried to login to chat for 2 hours, and chat tells me to clear my cache??? Is everyone just told to say the same thing on chat and push people over to dm’s on here to keep the secret?

I am telling you fail safe will work but I am not sure how ignition is setup with their securities, its one way to avoid that issue and there are multiple solutions for this exact issue.

I swear if i hear one more time about clearing cache or cookies… lmao

Great doesnt help the people that couldnt even join the freeroll as I kept getting error! As if i have any expectation for anything in return anyways.

well in ignitions eyes their system is running normal… systems are typically automated and no one is there hands-on watching it. They should look into what i just said. lol I work for a tech company lets just leave it at that. lol

Pretty creative way to save $2,500 if you ask me. Customer service made it pretty clear they have no intention of making up for this.

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lmao, you are right, but to them there is no issue. We know there is an issue here, they know since they responded above. They are a business and have policies to follow and that’s how they are setup. Who ever did this had a great idea because its easy money.

You can tell by now man its crystal clear what’s going on since the delay of the hands are consistent in timing.

Been staring at 10/Q for quite a while now lol. Totally expect it to start working, flop a full boat, and lose to a straight flush. Runner runner.

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You are on a table with other people calling… My table has no one here… i just raise everyone folds… and there is 30 second delay to end the hand and about 30 second to 1 minute for the next hand.

I just realize how the levels are setup. We are three hours in and just finished 10/20??? lmao its going up to 20/40 in 3 hrs.

Nope the level is still 10/20