Thursday $2500 Freeroll not working April 13 2023

Crazy how chip leader has 6000 chips but my table has been stuck on the first hand entire time. . .somebody is getting to play🤔

Talked to Raul g on chat. Had no idea what he was talking about but he was very rude

my table is moving but every two minutes i get a hand. i raise everyone fold.


Ive had A2 for an hour lol. . .great game

lol, i will win this in 10 years


I called the 20 and im just waiting on everyone to fold for the last hour no problems here🤣

raise it lol you win

Cant raise its stuck on the SB lol

well in an hour lmao

Same! All sites have been so f’d up the fast few days with absolutely zero f’ing apologies, zero confirmation’s of issue, zero explanations! This site doesnt give 2 shits about you, me, or the next person! On top of that they push u to a dm so u feel like it is a me problem and so nobody else can confirm there are issues! Its so shady!

Moving on up1830

it looks like a their system has connection issues with a system or more but if that system get drop there wont be a latency issue.

It usually happens when someone is using multiple login from a single place creating the issue.

I bet someone has bluestack open with tons of logins lmao

I am pretty sure the game will run smoothly once the offline accounts hit zero and drops off from the server.

Lol u think is from a single user causing the problem?! Should we check our cache souljaboy?

The site has been having major problems the last few days! Its not a user issue. Lmao

Im just saying… it happens with video games but im sure there are a lot more issue than that… If Ignition put in a fail safe after 20 minutes non active to be dropped this wont be happening, but it will remain until it hits zero i think.

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No one will do this if its paid tournament. Since they will have to pay for it, but on freeroll its free… it make sense.