Verification phone numbers for account

i started my account with ignition casino with a different phone number than the one i have now and i didnt have my verification complete which is causing alot of grief due to i want to deposit and withdraw as i go but this issue is still not fixed please help me fix this.

@shawnmeeks07 We’ll take a look and send you a PM shortly.

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I think I put in the wrong phone number and I am not able to deposit money because I do not get a verification text. It shows the last 4 of my phone number which is correct. How do I verify that I have the correct phone number on there and if I do…why am I not receiving the verification text?

@drswartze23 I’ll send you a PM shortly with details.

Simply put I accidentally put in the wrong phone number and need assistance with my problem at hand, I don’t rlly care about the welcome bonus but I suppose it would be a shame to miss out on it.

@jojo213, Welcome to The Forum.

Note, you can change the phone number yourself by going to your ‘Settings’ page.

nope requires verification

@jojo213, we’ve PM’ed you regarding this situation, however the reset should require your PIN code.

I I need to change my phone number to verify phone it won’t let me

@Tinker73 We’ve PM’ed you about this as well.

Hi. I’m having the same problem. Where is “my settings” to change my phone number?

@illarraza, welcome to the Forum. The link was provided above, but we’ll PM you as well regarding this.

I’m having the same problem as well. Please let me know how I am supposed to change my phone when it asks me to verify my phone # by pin code when I don’t have the same phone # anymore. This seems ridiculous. Please help.

Unfortunately since these posts the process on this has changed @KrakenMyas. You’ll have to contact our live chat to provide verification as this can’t be completed over the Forum anymore. Let us know if you need help contacting via live chat.

Yes, I can’t find live chat from the client. Please help.

1 Like just follow the steps laid out on the help page and you should be able to reach them.

I would like to change my phone number. I have access to my email address but not my old phone number and need to update it. Thank you

We’ve moved your posts here as it related to the topic. Unfortunately this can’t be done over the Forum and must be done over live chat. you can use the link above to contact them.


I am not able to update my phone number In my profile. I no longer have access to the phone number I signed up with and would like to be able to withdraw winnings. Can you please help me.