Waiting Lists for Limit Cash Tables

A waiting list option and the number of people playing at each stake (at the limit tables in particular), would be very nice and helpful. I understand that it might not be the most popular format here, but having absolutely zero idea what the player base is at a certain time, or even in general, is a bit annoying. I don’t want to waste my time waiting to be placed into a game only to have one person join my table and either force me to play heads up or leave the table and start the whole process over again.

There should be a feature that tells me how many tables are active at each stake and give me an option to get on a waiting list to hop on a table when someone leaves. Right now, it just starts up an empty table most of the time and forces me to play shorthanded without even giving me the option to sit out until I’m placed at a full table. This is not a very user friendly experience at all.

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Thanks for the feedback, we will pass it on.

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