Weekly $2500 Freeroll Poker Tournament Update - April 13th, 2023

but but but then ill get disconnected lol 117

105 ty

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I’d appreciate if you could tell me the table numbers and share couple of screenshots.

sure want them in 2 min intervals ? like the hands have been going to show the time differences and what not?

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I’m table 218, knocked out the only other people playing so now I’m blinding out the others slowly.

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Me too

@Manntar not necessarily. If there’s an error message?

Same my table takes forever for a single hand even just placing a bet takes forever! Table #136

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no error just very timed hand intervals

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The game keeps sitting me out. When I click to call or bet, the game takes forever to confirm my actions.

yeah it uses the full time out bar but does registe4r the action

Does it take forever to deal hands for you too?

what blinds are you guys at?

usually 3 dings per hand

yup after money gets shipped usually about a minand a half

im excited cause everyones about 3 hands out

Everyone at my table folds instantly from sitting out, my action delays anywhere from 5-25 seconds from when I make my bet to confirming.

After the hand is complete it is a 30-90 second delay before next hand is dealt.

Thank you all very much. You’re being really helpful.

np nic, ust dont fk us lol. weve put inthe time at this pioint lol

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no problem*

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yo throw us a jackpot sit n go voucher to kill time with hahahah this is painful to stay awake through

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