Why is the client directing me to HU games when others are running?

Currently, there is a 4-handed 30/60 limit holdem game running. When I open a table the software seats me at a table with one player (1st table), seats me at a player with one player (2nd table), and only at the third table will finally seat me at the 4 handed game. The software does this often.


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@JCABC123, Welcome to the Forum.

We’ll take a look into this for you, and escalate to our Poker Team. We’ll post below with any details we are given when they are available.

Software doing it again to me tonight. Have to quickly open and close two tables before the third gives me the only game running.

It seems designed to maximize rake by having two games running instead of one. Really unfair to the players if that’s the case.

No updates?

Any update?

We haven’t got any update and we’ll send something off again for more information.

Does this always occur or only during specific times? Is it also only 30/60 limits or all limits?

starting up a session of 9max cash tables and here is what happened.

i was able to join 1 table just fine (full table 9 people)

2nd table i joined had 2 players on it. so i posted my bb and sat out waiting for the table to fill.

3rd table i joined had no players on it, so i just sat there the whole time waiting for a table transfer.

back to the 2nd table. 1 person joined before i got dc’d for not playing a hand in 3 rounds.
then i started up a new table 9max expecting to join the same table i got dc’d from but instead of that happening i started up a new table again.

so now i have 2 tables open that i am sitting by myself at when in fact i know there is another table that i just got dc’d from with 3 players on it.

please fix this bug asap

players are not being seated at tables that have open slots.

@player1, I’ve found this issue that was previously escalated that seems to be very similar. Can you read up and tell me if this is around the same problem?

I’ll be looking at this and add to the previous escalation as it doesn’t seem to have any recent information.

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yes good search that seems to be the same thing…man still no fix…

i think i also might have posted something like this a while back when i was playing 6max but it wasnt as obvious to me as when i was just playing 9max today…

i take that back i remember the post i did about 6max…

yeah its bad

please fix this.

it is sad to see so many bugs not get fixed ever.

playing zone poker
under 100 bb
while in the middle of a hand
i press buy chips and top up to 100bb
then let the hand timeout

then i get “I am Back”
but also i get dealt into the next hand.

(so i can press i am back and play the hand.)

@player1, Thank for bringing this up. Would it be possible the next time this happens to grab a screenshot for any escalation?

Just to clarify, are you being forced to play the hand when you didn’t want to, or shouldn’t be able to play it and were allowed once pressing the button?

i mean it is super rare bug and doesnt really effect much
but just thought i would toss it out there

i might do that screen shot thing later on 6max now
oh but yeah so i time out and it says i am sitting out

but under the “sitting out” button you can see i got cards to play
and i can play them if i say i am back.


a real bug that still has not been fixed is 6max games not filling.
i feel like i am forced to play 9max because 6max table stop filling many times at 3max or 4max

it can go for hours at 3 or 4max and never fill 1 person towards 6max

this fill bug has been a problem for a very long time
and has been reported by me many months ago with still no fix.

okay so it just happened to me and i timed it with some notes

on the hour games went from 6max down to 4max
5mins later a guy left down to 3max
then for another 14mins
no one joined the table and we played 3max

then after 20mins then 3 guys show up at the same time.

this is a real time example with time stamps: time is in est

736pm 4max
736 3max
749 4max
750 6max
=14mins of 4max or less

817pm 4max
820 3max
829 2max 1 sitting out
831 2max sit out left
832 new player joined 3max after i folded every button to him so i can see how long till new players showed up and not scare him off. (folded my button for 3mins in 2max)
836 2max 3rd player sitting out kicked within a min sitting out
840 3max new player joined
844 4max new player joined
845 5max new player joined
845 6max new player joined
=28mins of 4max or less

=total of 42mins out of 69mins during peak play time hours.

@player1 Just to clarify, were you playing other tables that were unfilled as well?

i had two 6max tables and two 9max tables but the time stamp was only from 1 of the 6max tables
oh also i should note this is 5nl which has the highest traffic in 6max as far as i know based on zone traffic.

still has not been fixed.

it seems when it gets down to 3 or 4 players if i press the sit out button the table fills to 6max with in 2mins.

I’ve consolidated this as per your message as it does seem a similar issue. I’ve also brought this back up to the Poker Team, however, it may take a bit to get addressed and we’ll likely be circling back next week.

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