World Cup Free Spins

The home page states that enter any world cup tournament and 50 free spins of zombie fc will be provided within 7 days. It has been over 7 days since playing in a tournament where I did not qualify and receive any winnings (another requirement for the free spins) - how and when will they be provided to players

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• The 50 free spins on Zombie FC is a one-time bonus, regardless of how many event entries are submitted, and will be issued within 7 days of the tournament’s ending.

I believe they mean at the end of the actual World Cup.

I am wondering if anyone has received the free spins for doing a world cup tournament and if so how long did it take to get the free spins?

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These should be added within 7 days of the end of the tournament.

I played in the World Cup $222k tournament on November 20, 2022, a full 8 days ago at this point and have not had the spins provided.

They are added at the end of the tournament as I stated above. The tournament being the world cup.
So 18th onwards.

ah, thank you for the clarification

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Just to clarify something after review. Please note that regardless of entry only 1 set of spins are to be provided at the end of this promotion. This is specified in the email that was sent out for this promotion as it only states 50 spins to Zombie FC and not multiple entries. Tournament details have been updated to this end as well it seems.

Thanx for that clarification. I was a little concerned only because it also stated that we have 7 days to use those spins or lose them. Didn’t want to miss getting them and lose them because I didn’t know when to look. Again thanx for the update.

have you heard of anything in regards to the free spins on when they are issuing them? thanks

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Should be up to 7 days after the tournament ended, so I would assume this week sometime.

Where/how do we get notified when the free spins are allocated to our account? This is the first promotion I have participated in. Thanks.

They will go into your rewards section. I believe they should be added sometime this week, but we were advised up to 7 days after the end of the tournament


Hi Davy,

I have received an email notification that my free spins are ready, however the emailed link takes me directly to the Zombie FC slot game without any free spins available. I tried a spin to test and was charged $1.50.

I have also checked under the rewards section in both the redeemable offers and bonus tabs, which do not indicate there are any free spins available. Am I missing something or did the free spins still not actually make it to my account?


These spins appear to be sitting in your reward section just waiting to be claimed.

I’m just wondering where my free spins

Can you provide the reference number or other details of the tournament that you participated in for this?

Dunno why everyone is so eager to play spins with a 35x rollover attached.

Well I know I bought into the tournament but when I look at my transactions it doesn’t show me what tournament I played but it only shows what I bought in for

On quick review we didn’t see any World Cup tournament that provided free spins. However you have quite a few and would at least need a timeframe.