Yay it's my birthday! 🥳

One thing I love about Ignition is they DO give birthday bonuses! I can’t wait to open my gift today! :joy::tada::smiley::birthday:


Wishing you a very happy birthday from me and the rest of the mods.

Great timing this year with it on a nice Friday. Ends the week in style and get to enjoy the weekend


Thanks Matt! I intend to enjoy it to the fullest!

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hmmm i was told by customer service that y’all do NOT offer any birthday bonuses any longer… So who is lying here? Customer service or the lady above this comment^^^^???

Birthday bonuses are available for players who are level platinum or above.

how come customer service did not mention that to me and instead just shrugged me off and said that birthday bonuses are no longer available, period. That is false information provided by your staff once again, with no reprecussions. Or i will get the good ol cookie cutter response of “Bonuses are given at the discretion of the marketing/promotions team.” BS. Y’all need to get all of your departments on the same page for once.

Information regarding the rewards programme can be seen on the website. Here

I suggest having your customer service agents go back thru training and read the information you sent above as well as everything else and maybe have them pass a test so that they do not misinform and mislead people (could also be considered lying, deceitful, or not transparent) in the future. But i get it no sweat of your back, you are just a mod that goes by you script given to you at hire and doesnt think outside the box or fix ANY problems that are not mentioned on your script.or try to resolve anything that would result in the customer’s favor, period. If thats what you consider good customer service and problem solving then please let me know so I can take my money elsewhere. Thanks (for nothing)

If there was an issue to resolve we would try our best to do that, but there is no issue here as you are not eligible for the birthday bonus at this time unfortunately. The criteria can be seen on the website as per the link I posted above.

The issue is that your customer service agents need to not give false information to your customers and stop lying to them. If you dont see that as an issue then the problem is you!

If you would like to provide the information when you were lied to we will happily review it for you.

sure, your agent said you no longer do birthday bonuses. Period. Agent did not mention anything about being platinum tier and above to qualify.

When was this

around my birthday, March 31

So I see you contacted chat on 30th asking about a birthday bonus and were advised
“kindly note that not all levels are eligible for a birthday bonus at our site”

Is this the chat you are referring to?

no. im pretty sure it was on or after my birthday and it was clearly stated that you no longer give out birthday bonuses whatsoever.

Ok the next chat after that was on the 1st when you asked
“It was my birthday yesterday and I’m sad to see there was no birthday gift of any kind from you guys… Would you happen to have anything available by chance?”

The agent then checked and advised you
“As much as I would like to help you out, unfortunately your account is not eligible for a bonus at the moment.”

Is this the chat you are referring to?

no. Im not sure which chat on what date it was but nonetheless Im standing by what i was told