Ignition Rewards Program

One of the coolest parts about playing in a brick and mortar casino are the comps awarded to regulars.

And because Ignition Casino improves on the brick and mortar experience in every way, players can rest assured knowing every bet made and hand played contributes to the Ignition Rewards Program. As you continue playing your favorite casino and poker games, you’ll earn a steady stream of Ignition Miles which can be redeemed for Casino bonus cash or Poker tournament tickets.

Even better, whenever Lady Luck isn’t looking your way, Ignition Rewards will send you Cashback Bonuses so you can get back in the game.

What is Cashback and How is it Calculated?

Cashback Bonuses are exactly what they sound like: instant bankroll boosters that send cash straight back into your Ignition Casino account.

When the clock strikes midnight, any account balances under $10 become eligible for a Cashback Bonus. Essentially, if you’ve deposited more than you’ve withdrawn, you’ll earn a Cashback Bonus of between 6% and 15% of those deposits.

Every player begins at the Steel tier, where you’ll receive 6% Cashback. But as you earn Tier Points through regular play, you’ll reach different tiers that up the ante as follows:

• Chrome – 7%
• Bronze – 8%
• Silver – 9%
• Gold – 10%
• Platinum – 11%
• Titanium – 12%
• Diamond – 15%

But the bonuses don’t end with Cashback, as Ignition Miles can also be exchanged beginning at a 2,500 for $1 rate at the Steel tier. From there, reaching higher tiers makes the exchange rate even sweeter:

• Chrome – 2,250 Ignition Miles = $1
• Bronze – 2,000 Ignition Miles = $1
• Silver – 1,750 Ignition Miles = $1
• Gold – 1,500 Ignition Miles = $1
• Platinum – 1,250 Ignition Miles = $1
• Titanium – 1,000 Ignition Miles = $1
• Diamond – 1,000 Ignition Miles = $1

You can also exchange your Ignition Miles for Poker tournament tickets. Check out the Offers section of your bonus dashboard to see all the tickets available. The prices get better as you move up the tiers!

Poker and Casino Contributions to Ignition Rewards

Depending on your game of choice, you’ll earn Ignition Miles at different rates.

Slot enthusiasts collect 5 Ignition Miles for every $1 wagered, while Video Poker and Table Game fans earn 1 Ignition Mile per $1 in bets. And if you’re partial to the Specialty Games menu, the ratio climbs to 15 Ignition Miles for every $1 put in play.

Poker players use a rake-based system to score Ignition Miles, so for every $1 in cash game rake or tournament fees you pay, you’ll be awarded 15 Ignition Miles. And don’t forget about the fast-paced Jackpot Sit & Go tables, where every $1 in buy-ins you pay is good for 1.5 Ignition Miles.

Most Effective Path to Earning Ignition Miles

For casino players, the most efficient way to generate Ignition Miles involves regular play in the Specialty Games section of Ignition Casino. Slot games are next up, but betting a little bigger on Table Games or Video Poker will rack up the Ignition Miles just as quickly.

And for the poker grinders out there, multi-table sessions make it possible to accumulate a significant amount of Ignition Miles with ease.


This awesome and glad there’s a topic in the forum to review it since the only help doesn’t go into such details but the agent on the chat section explained it to me but is sad since my balance of $3000.00 was on $0.14 for my referral and they didn’t get the cash back and there in the platinum level so I send them a deposit an now will explain to them and me how the cash back feature works…

this I think is part of the calculation to keep in mind but do we get cash back if we loose it or withdraw it??

if you’ve deposited more than you’ve withdrawn, you’ll earn a Cashback Bonus of between 6% and 15% of those deposits.

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Hi @EMELO_123,

First of all, welcome to the forum and thank you for being the first member to comment and pose a question!

If you’re ever curious about why you or a referral didn’t receive a Cashback bonus, the best thing to do is contact the Customer Service Team as there could be reasons specific to the account. Generally speaking though, if you’ve deposited more than you’ve withdrawn, and your balance is below $10, you’re eligible!

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but does the Cashback bonus for on losses or withdraws?? they loss and had only $0.14 in their balance will they be eligible?

Hi @EMELO_123,

We don’t offer Cashback on withdrawals :slight_smile: , but the withdrawal amounts are used in the calculation.

If you’ve deposited more than you’ve withdrawn since you received the last Cashback, and your balance is below $10, you will be eligible.

Here is an example of a situation where a player would not be eligible, even though their balance is below $10:

  • They receive a Cashback bonus on Monday.
  • On Tuesday, they deposit $100 get lucky and cash out for $500.
  • On Wednesday they deposit $200 and unfortunately lose it.

They will not eligible for Cashback as since the previous issuance, they’ve withdrawn more than they’ve deposited.

If this isn’t the case for your friend, please have them contact Customer Service so they can look into it for them.


I was reviewing the FAQ pager for rewards and after reviewing my past losses I notice everyday I will get cashback on minor losses but as @William stated either the policy change and now losses are consider only when a balance of $10 is present. I remember getting cash back on losses no matter the balance I had but as the FAQ stated it you need to be at $10 or below which is sad because we are here to make money for Ignition and ourselves but here’s is the URL to confirm it; it will be nice to have cashback on daily losses is just a small percentage compare to what we invest; example I had $3000 loss $1500 a 11% cash back base on my level will just be $150 that’s fair… I remember getting them daily but that’s why I had to confirm this on the research I performed…

We deliver cash back on all your daily losses

I lost $3000 yesterday got a low balance today I when and saw a bonus that might take me back but it got removed?? now Im on $150 wish me luck or send me some money jaja

Why no reply here? Interesting, has the above graphic been removed?

Also, it says in my bonus thing that 2500 miles = $100, can you explain?

I guess the graphic was removed but the 2500 miles = $100 means you spend $100 and get 2500 miles that’t my guess but in reference to meet bonus requirements this is the graphic Im still curious why $100 bonus requires so hi wagering requirement when I can make the $100 playing myself… also some requirements state poker points according to the support staff there’s no more poker points !!!

Hi @FutureInsights,

The graphic hasn’t been removed; it’s still available here. I think there may be some confusion in regard to previous bonuses, as the Cashback program always required having a balance of less than $10 since its inception.

As per the link above and article by @IgnitionBlogger , 2,500 miles convert to a $1 bonus at the Steel level and have better rates as you climb tiers. If you are seeing 2,500 miles = $100, please provide a screenshot or let us know where you are seeing that, so we could look into it as there may be an error.

For Poker, your play still counts towards the Rewards Program and is calculated based on the following:

@EMELO_123, the rollover you are showing in your screenshot is for the $300 Free Bonus and not the Ignition Rewards Bonus. Free Bonuses have higher rollover requirements because none of your funds are locked, it’s essentially risk-free!

Rollover for a Rewards Bonus can be found here and is 1x Casino and 5 Rewards Points earned in Poker per dollar. So if you were hovering over a $100 bonus, the rollover would read $100 in the Casino.

I hope this answers your questions!

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A post was split to a new topic: Whats the difference between cash and deposit bonuses?

This is an excelent example how a cashback should work I hope you agree…

Example of real cashback

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Hi @EMELO_123,

My apologies but I’m not sure what this is exactly or how the ‘cashback’ is calculated here. Is this a play money poker app?

We offer up to 15% cashback on losses which is very competitive in this space, and you can convert your Ignition Miles for Cash Bonuses. If you have specific suggestions on how we can improve the program, please let us know!

@william I understand the cashback feature in ignition but at my level which is Platinum I get 11%; my referral at Titanium gets 12% but only when they have losses and balances of $10 or less, It will be nice to implement a better cash back feature for everyday losses even if is one time a week like the sample video; Ignition will still make money. Lets say I loss $500 today after reviewing the account and determining the level lets say Platinum we get 11% back which is nothing just $55 dollars but at least is better than the current implementation if I have $1500 dollars in the current implementation of ignition and I loose $1500 like I have and have a balance of $10 dollar or less I will get back $165 from the $1500!! The sample video is from a poker play money game that implements cashback on purchases or promotions but is a good idea to look into. I also have some other pay cash applications and will be reviewing some of there slots machines with videos so we can implement them at ignition. Hope I get credits!! Im still at $2 bucks on my account. Just ideas to make Ignition better more ideas coming.

Cashback suggestion

Hey Emelo,

Whats the bonus code for this one lol


Hey @Zjking11, these kind of bonuses come without a specific bonus code but as soon as you climb our Rewards Tiers system you may become eligible for additional perks and bonuses. :slight_smile:

YEAH but the still need to update to bubble to remove poker points and instead usine ignition miles; STILL WAITING

Welcome back @EMELO_123! This is still on the road map, we’ll update the topic here once the bubble has been changed.

Thank you Mr @William I eager to see the updates to allow me to meet the requirements because the current implementation have made me loose a lot… I working on the new machines from another site let me know who I contact so you guys can communicate and see if you port some of this machines into ignition they got some great features…

That is flat out not true. I’m at Titanium level and haven’t gotten anything, can’t even request a no deposit bonus, but proof was posted that someone does get free spin rewards. It doesn’t make sense and comments like yours are VERY misleading. ESPECIALLY to new players. My advice is DONT play just to move up in tiers, other than a little more bonus funds from miles and a little more cashback on losses you don’t actually get anything more. If I had it all to do over again I would have gotten to bronze level for the weekly freeroll and quit.