Software Issues? Try this!

I made a guide a few months ago, but have made a few changes to it since then so this is the updated version:

I highly suggest anyone having issues with the poker software try this guide I made to FULLY uninstall and reinstall Ignition Casino Poker on Windows 10.

  • Go to Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Choose the app of the site you want to uninstall: “Ignition Casino Poker” then click Uninstall and follow the prompts to uninstall.

  • Open File Explorer in Windows and go to C: > Program Files (x86) > select and delete folder: “Ignition Casino Poker”.

  • In File Explorer go to C: > Users > (Your Windows User Name) > select and delete the folder: “Ignition Casino Poker”.

  • In File Explorer click on “View” at the top, then on the top right side select the box for “Hidden Items”. This will allow you to access the AppData folder which holds cached files that need to be deleted to fully uninstall past versions of the poker software. Access the AppData folder in the next step.

  • In File Explorer go to C: > Users > (Your Windows User Name) > AppData > Roaming > select and delete folder: “ignitioncasino-eu-poker”.

  • Clear Google Chrome browsing data. To do so click the 3 vertical dots in the top right of the browser then click Settings, under the section Privacy and Security click on Clear Browsing Data, click Basic, select Time Range: All, select “Cookies and other site data” also select “Cached images and files”, click Clear data. Close browser.

  • Make sure Windows is updated. To do so open Windows Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > click on Check for updates.

  • Restart the computer.

  • Go to and download a fresh copy of the software and install it, but make sure no third party poker software is running when installing the poker site software. Examples are Card Catchers, HEM, PT4, DriveHUD, Table Tamer etc. Also when installing, change the name of the installation folder to ensure a fresh installation. The default folder name for Ignition is “Ignition Casino Poker”. A simple way to change the folder name is to add a digit to the end of the folder name, for example “Ignition Casino Poker1”.

  • If tables are freezing when you go all-in, then try turning off setting “Show All-In Percentage”.


Hopefully this will fix the bug that causes the cash game table to randomly and inexplicably deal me out of my big blind, small blind, or both.